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    This website works only for the landing page!!

    btw ADA can do this too.

    The Eco complete is essentially lava rock/pumice so won't ever break down. But it's essentially inert though so can't be directly compared to aquasoils which are nutrient rich for the first year or so.


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      Originally posted by Rebel View Post
      This website works only for the landing page!!

      btw ADA can do this too.

      The Eco complete is essentially lava rock/pumice so won't ever break down. But it's essentially inert though so can't be directly compared to aquasoils which are nutrient rich for the first year or so.
      I've reached out to Jag Aquatics which is where 2 bags came form and Aquaristic supplied the others.

      I use Eco-complete in the other tank as mentioned and it's been there for ages. Only issue i have with it, is getting smaller plants to stay and not float away.


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        Yeah Eco complete is great for me. No issues but yeah you need to add ferts to it to continually top up the nutrients in the substrate.

        I also had the same problem with plants floating away with Eco complete. Originally i had 2 bags eco complete fine but they discontinued that a few years back. I then bought 1 bag eco complete coarse and topped it up. 95% of times the plants don't float now.

        Report back if Jag Aquatics can help you out or also try Aquaristic. They were quick in replying with my dealings with them.


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          I wonder whether Eco complete still causes hardness to increase slowly. That was the only issue I had with it. For 90% of plants out there the hardness wouldn't be an issue though.


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            I never tested for water hardness before adding eco complete but my water is hard though. I recall checking a while back.

            I can try and dig out the GH test kit and double check it though.

            But all my plants have been successfully grown with eco complete. The only exception is vallisneria nana. That thing just couldn't get going!


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              Keen to hear of your results if you can test it.

              For the nana, put a small bit of coral rubble near it's roots....


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                I couldn't find the test kit but i think it's in the shed. I will pull it out tomorrow.

                I will give that a go for the nana. I want a nice wall of nana at the back. I think it looks really cool. Just can't get mine to do that lol


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                  Hey Rebel.

                  I tested the GH and these are the results.

                  GH of tank is around 9-10 DH
                  GH of tap water is around 4-5 DH

                  So double the water hardness in the tank. It could be due to the eco complete.

                  I haven't added GH booster in a few years i would say. So most likely eco complete may increase hardness of the water slowly but i can't be certain.


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                    Monty, excellent detective work!

                    It has to be something in the tank that's increasing gH and that includes anything that you add including ferts or food. For example Green Element ferts have Magnesium which will increase gH. We can't be certain it's solely due to Eco Complete.


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                      Yes i believe you are right. It could be anything but it hasn't caused any issues for me in my tank by having a higher GH. Hopefully stays this way.

                      Sorry Sup3rFly for hijacking your thread lol.

                      Hopefully you have an update soon to your issues.


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                        Hi All,

                        Just wanted to update this thread in case others come across it. Still have cloudy water, have tried everything in here and some other things mentioned by others, the only thing that sort of 'helped' was new wool pad and the combination of flocculant, but this only sorted it for a week or so.

                        I haven't tried a UV, as I feel this is a band-aid fix (unless I'm wrong?) would this not solve the issue while on and as soon as it's off, just come back? Still willing to try this, but not if just temporary fix (plumbing it in will be annoying)

                        Otherwise, I guess, the only remaining thing in the tank is the substrate (Cal Aqua), noticed more and more places no longer stock it.

                        If anyone has anymore options or thoughts or opinion, I would greatly appreciate it, before i tear it down. Thanks everyone!


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                          Originally posted by kenplho View Post
                          How old is your aquasoil? That stuff breaks down after a while and clouds the water. A sand cap would help, but in the long run you may need to swap out the substrate.
                          Mentioned it last year already... but I'd consider just taking all the aquasoil out or capping it with sand. Aquasoil is essentially compressed clay, and after a while it just turns into soft clay and dissolves into the water.

                          If the issue is bacterial bloom, then UV isn't necessarily a temp fix unless whatever is causing the bacterial bloom (could be excess nutrients in the soil) is an ongoing issue.


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                            Hey Kenphlo, I have found the UV to be effective each time I've had to use it for the bloom. Just 3 days and it almost never comes back. Some blooms are worse than other though I suppose. What's your experience?

                            What can you do with this one?


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                              It varies - I've had some go away forever after 1 night of turning on the UV + water changes, and others that I've had to come back 2-3 times with the UV for a few days to clear it.

                              Plumbing for it wasn't difficult - one of my canisters have UV, and I also have another just plugged into the sump on a sump. I just leave it as an option in case the bloom comes back.


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                                I'll setup the UV this weekend, it's a Biopro / Hopar Aquarium UV Steriliser 18W, can't make it any worse can it . That doesn't work, then I guess I'll be tearing the tank down. I will update this for everyone.

                                Thanks again for everyone who commented


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