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the dangers of an exploding Co2 sodastream reg...

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  • the dangers of an exploding Co2 sodastream reg...

    hi folks,
    now this would have been really quite funny had it not hurt so much...

    So i finally bought a sintered glass diffuser and sodastream bottle adapter to get my presuurized co2 up and running (yay!). now the sodastream adapter i got came with its own set of problems, ie REALLY shoddy workmanship, but i'll post another thread about that.

    The regulator that i had my brother make up for me as he in pneumatics. my bro knows his stuff with regs etc so i had no reason to think that this wouldn't do the job.

    here is a pic:

    in the pic, the lighter coloured brass fitting on the right is the sodastream adapter/

    with it all ready to go i eagerly screwed the sodastream bottle on, with the reg at zero obviously so i could slowly turn the pressure up to get the desired 1bps. The adapter instructions said i give the final 1/4turn to open the bottle. As i did so the unit gave off an enourmous bang and quite literally exploded in my hands!

    it sent 600psi bottle pressure co2 at below zero all over my hand which was clasping the reg in a closed fist fashion. i kid-you-not my whole hand pretty much snap froze, and i got a really painful burn all along the inside of my thumb and index finger from the cold. the force of the gas coming out blew all my curtains off too which were on the other side of the room.

    it doesn't end here though. connected to the end i had some 3mm high pressure hosing that i was going to connect to gang valve and diffuser. before it blew off, it took off like a cut snake and whipped me in face and leg. i'm really lucky as it hit me about 1cm from eye- this was also REALLY painful!

    Straight away i rang my bro and was like "oi wtf man!" then he replied in typical tradey fashion. "ahh ok...what is the bottle pressue of the co2?"

    "250bar" i replied.

    "ahhh see there is your problem. that reg is meant for 300psi max, you've put 600psi through it. it'll explode if you do that."

    "yeah NO S**T it exploded..." i again replied

    so that was the end of my pressurized co2 setup (and very nearly my eye). i gave the unit to my brother and he opened it up and found that the regulating diaphram on both the guage and reg had split under the pressure which made the gas come out of everywhere.

    its easy to see the funny side now, but i guess this is just a general warning for those attempting to use a "mocked-up" co2 reg that hasn't been proven to work. i was pretty lucky and got away with a nice little campfire story but i'd hate to see someone connect their diffuser up first and have that explode in their face!

    the moral of this story- make sure you reg is a certified co2 capable of up to 300bar.


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    Holy hell! I dont see any funny in that at all! You were seriously lucky not to lose an eye and its great to see you putting this up as a warning to others. Making me think of doing my co2 not quite so on the cheap.... Did you end up with any permanent damage to your hand? Doesn't extreme cold cause burns? But all I gotta say is that you are damn lucky, damn damn lucky!

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      It's probably too late to close the gate after the horse has bolted but we strongly recommend against any form of DIY when it comes to potentially lethal tings like pressurized CO2 bottles.

      Always ensure you only use certified and tested equipment where those kind of pressures are present.

      You were seriously lucky the lesson wasn't even dearer. A loss of an eye or a hand is no joking matter. I'm glas to hear you are OK after this ordeal.


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        Wow - very lucky you weren't hurt. So was the sodastream adapter from ebay in OZ? I've been thinking about going that way, hmmmm.
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          hi folks,
          nah no permanent damage cloudy, but yeah the cold did give me a painful burn in the webbing between my index and thumb and along my thumb. with the face i just had a big red swallen patch under my eye like when you get whipped on the back of the legs or something. i really was pretty lucky.

          yeah i agree Apalsson, and in hindsight it was silly and dangerous. i guess i just took for granted that a reg was a reg and i had the right one. my brother had of course no itentions of injuring me, he just also assumed that sodastream bottles were only low pressure, more like 80-90bar.


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            Originally posted by Danus View Post
            So was the sodastream adapter from ebay in OZ? I've been thinking about going that way, hmmmm.
            hi danus,
            yeah it was from a guy called beeer101, he sells them at the buy it now price of $40 i think. if you can get a decent reg and stuff it seems to be a great way to go for a small planted tank.

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              Originally posted by Danus View Post
              Wow - very lucky you weren't hurt. So was the sodastream adapter from ebay in OZ? I've been thinking about going that way, hmmmm.
              it was the regulator though where the problem occured...

              How is your hand? did you go to a doctor? its unfortunate the regulator didnt work because there is a market for small and managable pressuried co2 setups.


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                Originally posted by Rapscallion View Post
                hi danus,
                yeah it was from a guy called beeer101, the workmanship was so poor i had to get my old man (whos a fitter and turned) to run a 1/2"bsp die down it to redo the thread. mine could have been a one off because of a broken tool but i think it pays to be weary and that hes making them by hand on a lathe.
                Thanks, I saw he was lathing them. I was looking at the soda stream option for the work tank as there's bugger all space to put a bigger tank. Does anyone know any other sources for the adapter?
                Study how water flows in a valley stream,smoothly and freely between the rocks.Everything even mountains, rivers, plants and trees should be your teacher - Morihei Ueshiba


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                  You are so lucky!
                  Ive been told by loved ones around me to be careful with the pressurized bottles and kinda took it for granted. Ill be more careful myself from now on too, even if i am using certified equipment.

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                    Thanks for sharing that Rapscallion,

                    not always easy to share something dangerous and possibly tragic.
                    Hope you can get the whole system up and working soon

                    ps Glad your still with us!!!!
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                      Well glad we can all learn a lesson from that one, what was the dodgy bit in summary.

                      Was it the reg you used and which one was it??

                      Was it the adapter??

                      Did the sodastream bottle have too much ommph and you used a good reg?

                      Glad to hear you didn't have a wayward gas bottle sailing about the room and you still have all your fingers and thumbs.

                      I would think the way they fill the little dupla bottles they would have some serious pressure in them to but obviously engineered for the job.


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                        scary stuff mate, glad to hear you're ok and taking it all with good humour
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                          cheers graeme, i think i'll just buy a Harris 601 reg after this, that way i know its tried and tested and *shouldn't* have any problems

                          barrabob, it was definately the third. me (and my bro) just grossely underestimated how much pressure is in the bottle. i never would have guessed it would be 250bar- my stupidity for not actually reading the bottle. The regulator itself was of good quality and great at regulating down to really low psi's (so i was told) it simply wasn't build to be able to regulate the pressue i put through it.

                          the brand of the reg is SMC, model no. AP100-02. just for future if anyone comes across one of these. hmmm actually perhaps the "100" refers to input volume and the "02" refers to the minium output.

                          Its funny you say about the wayward gas bottle too as the bloke that made the bottle adapter had a big warning about not connecting it up without a reg otherwise it takes off like a rocket!



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                            Sheet mate that's bad news. You could have ended up with burns to ytour hands not to mention the eye! Glad you are ok.

                            One word about regulators. They are closed when the knob is fully out. IE turn the top to the left (unscrew) to turn off. Even regulators up to the job can fail if left open when connected to a soda stream. The reason being that on a cylinder, the valve is closed and slowly opened so there is a pressure burst but there isn't the flow. With the soda stream, the bottle is punctured, so is fully opened in an instant!

                            BE careful folks! Always have all the valves close and start at the cylinder opening slowly.

                            Thanks for posting this mate.


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                              Bloody Hell!

                              Glad to hear your ok!


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