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Should I use rainwater from my apartment block

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  • Should I use rainwater from my apartment block

    Hey everyone,

    Curious as to what everyone thinks about using rainwater. My apartment block has free flowing rainwater for our outdoor taps and Iím woundering if I should use it for my tanks specifically for my shrimps.

    Do you think itís safe or what problems have you faced using rainwater? Or what is your process when using rainwater.

    Tommy Pham

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    I wouldn't risk it.

    You're in a heavily built up area where there is still alot of industry, and you're near the airport. The water would have a relatively high level of contaminants. It would be a particularly bad idea at the moment when we are in a drought and those contaminants have been building up on the roof of your block, to be washed into the rainwater tank.


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      Yeah you know what that’s a good point all the construction and the drought would have made the water quite old and who knows what’s growing in there now.


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        They been looking for this info.


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