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NQ Algae Shrimp turning milky

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    Originally posted by Grubs View Post
    Scutariella isn't an Australian genus in the key (link below) and looking at random google pics Scutariella japonica is much much smaller and not pigmented. I suggest you have a different species of temnocephalid. Any planaria/hydra treatment will get rid of them if you get sick of salt dips. Fenbendazole (Panacur), No Planaria etc.

    Have a crack at the key if you have a good magnifier/microscope. Key to the genera and checklist of species of Australian temnocephalans (Temnocephalida)
    LEGEND, thanks Grubs. I was going off what I was able to Google and also ran it past Jeff to see if he knew what it was. I was wondering why these were dark brown and not white, also a fair bit larger.
    I was slat dipping as its all I had on hand. Ive read no planaria can rid them of it but I dont have any to use.


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      There must be something wrong. Because once you feed them with algae discs, your shrimp suppose to turn into somehow reddish color after some time. But yours turned white. Thats what they did to Flamingo, to make them turn to pinkish sort of red.


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        Really glad I found this thread before ordering NQ Algae Shrimp from LCA


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          Unfortunately I read this after buying from "7fishes" and also after I moved them from my quarantine tank to the main tank.

          After I read the thread, I went and had a good look, an low an behold, they all had spironucleus infection. I immediately took them all out and back to the quarantine tank. Who knows if they have already infected the nice big healthy boys I got from Aquagreen.
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