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CO2 and breeding

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  • CO2 and breeding

    Hey all,

    quick question from a newbie:

    would the commonly used method of a daily cycle of CO2 coming on with the light and then off with no light possibly interrupt the shrimp breeding enough to stop it altogether? Context is me in the process of building my first setup which will be in a 4ft tank heavily planted for a jungle look that will eventually have shrimp and the aim to breed. I have more than adequate lighting and filtration if I choose to up the settings and am unsure about using CO2 for this reason specifically. I'm holding off on selecting plants based on what is most suitable,

    any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Which type of shrimp? If it's high end shrimp breeding for profit, don't use CO2.

    Either choose beautiful plants (super lush when you inject CO2) or many shrimp. No dedicated shrimp breeder would ever use one tank for both purpose let alone put any plant fertiliser in their tanks.


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      Rebel covered it. Don't use CO2 in any breeding tank regardless of if it's for fish or shrimp.

      CO2 should only be used on really heavily planted tanks that get lots of light and lots of nutrients. If you don't have good light and good nutrients, don't add CO2. There's plenty of CO2 in the average aquarium and it's produced continuously 24/7 by the fish and filter bacteria. CO2 also gets into the tank from the air.


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        Have a look at my journal here to see the journey of how I grew this tank....


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