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  • Shrimp tank heating


    a bit of advice on what temp to set my heater on for my shrimps. I have yellows, blues, cherry, bloody Mary's all mixed in. I have read that you don't need a heat, you need cold water, then you need a heater set at 25 degree's, so I'm not sure. I just turned mine up today to 27 degrees due to it getting cold but may do more harm than good.



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    I reckon keep at 24 for the cherries given that are fancy varieties. No need for 27.

    For CRS 21 all year.


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      Cherries can handle it a bit warmer but I agree that 24ish is ideal.

      My TB's are starting to breed like crazy. I keep it at <24 through summer. Once I put the heater back in I will set it to 21.

      Can I ask why you bothered getting fancy Cherries only to mix them all together???


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        Good questions. Answer is I got what was available and didn't discriminate, if it was for sale I brought it and in it went. Besides, may make for some interesting offspring. They all get along without any issues.


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          Originally posted by Byrnesy View Post
          may make for some interesting offspring.
          They will mostly breed ok but will throw more brown wild coloured ones as time progresses. You won't get any interesting colours etc if that's what you were expecting.

          Looks like a fun tank tho!


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            Hence why i asked. You will end up with drab mixed shrimps IME.

            If you want a mixed tank go with Tawain Bees.


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              I have thought about Tawain Bees actually as I really like the variety. Unsure how easy they are to come by though and the cost associated. You may correct me on this but I am on the understanding they are harder to keep as the water has to be maintained, its like keeping discus fish....

              Also quick question is there a need to have air bubbles in a dedicated shrimp tank with lots of different plants??


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                You need plenty of O2. Just direct the filter output so that it agitates the water surface somewhat.

                Easy or difficult is subjective. I never found Discus difficult to raise and keep either.

                Jump on FB and watch the shrimp auction sites. You can pick up some bargains if you're patient.


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                  They prefer clean water with a ph of 6.5-8.0, and a rough temperature of 14-30 degrees C (57-86), most comfortable at a moderate room temperature of about 72 degrees. They are omnivores and typically live 1-2 years under ideal conditions.


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