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are there sexy red leg crs in oz..?

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  • are there sexy red leg crs in oz..?

    As title states im wondering if theyre is people out there in australia with crs with sexy bright red legs..
    Or anyone trying to selectively breed them through. .
    Ive seen a few in pictures and videos but pretty much mostly in japan..
    I love the way the shrimp look. And have some crs with minimal red love some stronger ones..
    I have had sss from "gyung" that had white legs and looked awsome..
    Anyways some enlightenment would be great. But pics aswell would be even better..

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    They're definately out there Renato. I've seen them at the home of several owners - but I'll leave it up to them to identify themselves
    Live your life like no-one's watching!


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      I do have some sample...
      If you have friends coming to singapore...
      Can ask them to collect from me...


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        I have some, also white legs. Although I'm selling my collection in its entirety soon, so I'll let you know who buys them if that person is willing to split the package and sell some.


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          Newlife too bad your in singapore..great looking shrimp though..
          Exotic yeah definantely let me know. Would be really interested in purchasing some..
          do u have any pics?


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