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  • Moss ID Pretty Please!

    Hi everyone,

    I have this plant that I'm unsure of - can anyone ID it?! It was labeled "Plagiomnium Affine", but it looks more like some kind of moss. Here are some pictures:

    Plagiomnium Affine (What it was labeled but I don't think it is)

    Mystery Moss Close Up Out of Water

    Mystery Moss in Water

    Hope someone can help. Cheers!


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    Hey GS!

    I'm not quiet sure what your mysterious moss is, but i don't think that it is Plago. affines. (although i've never seen it in its emersed state before)

    Where did you get it from? That might help to ID it...


    P.s. Here's a pic of my Plago. as a reference:

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      Hi Plantnut!! Hey... aren't you the moss collecting king?! Hehehe

      Thanks for the reference picture! Nah my mystery moss is actually submerse grown, not emersed. I just thought it looked clearer when I took the picture outside the water. Hehehe sorry for cheating, but I only have a point and shoot camera and minimal camera skills!

      I got the moss from another forum member (who was very generous and popped it in as an extra for me), but they said it was sent to them labeled as Plagio. Affine too. So hopefully if someone ID's this then it will shed some light for both of us

      I have a feeling it's either xmas moss or something along those lines.

      MORE INFORMATION: This moss was grown under high light conditions with DIY co2.

      Thanks again!


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