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What could cause rotala bonsai to melt?

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  • What could cause rotala bonsai to melt?

    I bought a bunch of plants from LCA recently to rescape a nano tank with — rotala h’ra, rotala bonsai, s. repens and hydrocotyle japan.

    The tank is a low tech 25L, running ONF Flat Nano at 40% power for 8hrs/day. Plants are in pre-used & cycled AquaEarth (Oliver Knott) substrate. Dosing half a squirt of LCA Low Tech Complete 3x week. Water changes of 50% once a week with the occasional top up if the water level looks low. Inhabitants are 2 shrimp and 1 betta... plus a few snails.

    I believe everything except the hydrocotyle was grown emersed so I expected some melt as they all converted to their submersed form but the r. bonsai has taken a huge hit. It seemed to be going ok after the first 2 weeks and then I made the mistake of trimming and replanting. The h'ra responded very well to that but the bonsai has almost completely melted — not just the leaves but the stems too! Don't think any of it is salvageable.

    Can anyone think of a reason why it would melt so badly when everything else seems to be adjusting well? Just bad luck? Something in the ferts that might melt plants if I'm a little careless with my dosing amounts?

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    If the plants got hot during transit they might melt.
    Sudden major changes in water chemistry will do it.
    Lack of light or fertiliser.

    The best thing to do with new plants is leave them in pots for a month or two until they have recovered from the move and from being drowned, and then remove pots and do trimming and tidying up.

    Maybe try increasing the light and add an iron based plant fertiliser and hope for the best.


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      Thanks for the tips leaving in pots wasn't an option unfortunately — they came as trimmings so weren't in pots.

      I'll bump the light up a notch and cross my fingers!


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        Under high lighting, CO2 and the addition of fertilizers, the tips of the stems will develop a reddish-orange hue, making this aquarium plant a beautiful choice for all planted tanks. Notes: Rotala has fragile leaves! ... Unstable parameters will result in melt and rotting of the aquarium plant.


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