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  • ID please

    Time for that old game "ID my Plant!!"

    This one i picked up out of a ditch on the side of the road that has had water in it for a few months now.

    Good luck figuring out this one


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    Pretty cool looking plant, have no idea what it is , how big are the leaves?


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      The leaves are about 6 mm long and wide, the plant reminds me a lot of mircromanthus umbrossum, except it is darker and the node length is longer.
      I expect the node length to be longer cos of growing in cold water during winter though

      If you want me to send some to you SOL, let me know, i got bucketloads of it!!! (seriously)



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        Can't remember the name... someone might know it.. will look it up later if no one does... but I know it an annual, floating leaves (old leaves will be submersed), prefers flowing water and cold to cool conditions.

        Found what I think it is...
        Callitriche sp (possibly C stagnalis - )

        Introduced from Europe.
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