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Vesicularia (Christmass Moss) taking over help

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  • Vesicularia (Christmass Moss) taking over help

    Hi All,

    I have some Christmas Moss in the tank and it's been there ever since I had some shrimp, it attached itself to the rocks and some drift wood, which was fine and looks good, pulled it off ever so often, but now it's running along the floor/bed of the tank and strangling carpeted plants.

    I pull it out and it pulls a whole lot of carpeted plants with it. Is there any other way? I don't mind pulling it out, but never get it all as it breaks apart and just starts growing again and rapidly. Pulling it out is fine, but stirs the tank up and usually leaves some big holes which take some time to regrow.

    Figured I'd ask before I pull some more out.

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