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Crinum calamistratum fine at higher temps (32 oC)

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  • Rebel
    Hi Brushy, Great to hear you are loving your Crinum. I've enjoyed mine for 2 years or so. It seems to be happy with many conditions including when I quarantined it (for snails) for 3 months in my shed where it was going down to 2 degrees at times! It seems to grow slowly but surely but it's really only suited for a large and tall tank. Mine is 45cm and it's not really enough although it might have more space if I reduce my collectoritis.

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  • Spidy
    My tank sits between 29 and 30 degrees and my Crinum is doing fine.

    Having said that though, I don't know if it's growing "optimally".

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  • Brushy
    started a topic Crinum calamistratum fine at higher temps (32 oC)

    Crinum calamistratum fine at higher temps (32 oC)

    Hi everyone,

    As the growing conditions for plants are usually based upon experience rather than experimentation, thought I'd post that Crinum calamistratum can happily survive at higher temps than you see quoted. Specifically my tank has been sitting around 32 oC all summer and the plant is completely happy.

    Some years ago I gave up on the through of growing this beautiful plant as all advice said they didn't like temps above 27 oC. Because of a natural disaster, I was gifted a plant and now I'm enjoying a lovely specimen that's enjoying a tropical summer.
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