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Ways to tie down moss/liverworts

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  • Ways to tie down moss/liverworts

    In the past 5 years of growing mosses and liverworts, I have been growing mosses and liverworts of
    different types of objects. Best thing I am currently using is slate pieces and driftwood. I am also
    experimenting with stainless steel mesh.

    1. Slate pieces
    (5x5cm) HERE!

    I purchased these in packs of 10 for $10, which is $1 each from Jag Aquatic Layout. These are natural
    slates 1cm thick and cut to 5x5cm for easy handling. In my current 4x2x2, I have just got 100 pieces
    of these slates creating an instant Mini Pellia and US Fissidens carpet. I have also attached a small
    bobitus, needle leaf and windov java fern. After they all larger and thicker, the mosses cover then entire
    slate creating an instant carpet. I have ordered another 20 pieces to attach some Monosolenium tenerum
    to. I just use black cotton string to tie them down very easy.

    Mini pellia on slates

    US Fissidens on slates

    Carpets in the making

    Carpets completed (taken 3 months later)

    2. Driftwood (Can be purchased at your good LFS, I get mine from Aquaristic)
    Driftwood has been great for aquascaping and I love that stuff. It can be easily purchased from you
    local aquarium or even found in creeks and rivers. In the past I have attached many types of mosses
    and liverworts and have had great results. Best outcome was tieing mini pellia on the driftwood
    branches, they grew very well and thick, completely covering the entire wood and shrimps love it.
    Your chosen mosses/liverworts can be easily tied down using black cotton. I try not to use fishing line
    as it sometimes gets too hard and the knots are easy to come undone. Currently I have attached
    subwassertang on the driftwood, they grown thick, growing upwards and some hang down, perfect
    for shrimps Also as a center piece, I have attached needle leaf java fern to a "Y" shaped driftwood
    and laying it down on the substrate, eventually creating a huge clump of it in the middle.

    Riccia on driftwood

    Mini Pellia on driftwood

    Mini Pellia on wood (first day)

    Mini Pellia on wood (1 month later)

    Mini Pellia 4cm thick on driftwood (3 months later)

    3. Rocks (can be found at garden stores, aquariums, riverbanks)

    Rocks or Pebbles can be used instead of slates, but creating a carpet may take a longer time. Also if you
    want a carpet to be flat, then slates should be used because rocks create an uneven affect. I usually only
    use rocks are gap fillers in my carpet or around the tank. Mosses/Liverworts can be tied down using black
    cotton in-which they would be covered up by growth later on. I tend to only use lava rock (for
    mosses/liverworts to attach easier) and smooth flat pebbles.

    Mini fissidens on lava rock

    Different types of liveworts/mosses on pebbles

    4. Stainless Steel Mesh (purchased from ebay or forums)

    Stainless steel mesh is great to attach moss and liverworts to. Some people have even attached ferns to it.
    I have just started to use stainless steel mesh. I will eventually make a flame moss/mini pellia wall with it.
    I have found fissidens looks great growing on the SS mesh using small netting over it. But a bad thing about
    using SS mesh is that it is too thin, when you lie it down on the soil, the soil can sometimes cover the mosses.
    Also if you down over the mesh well if your moss, then it will take a long time to cover the entire mesh (which
    doesn't look natural in the tank). I have made some moss SS mesh caves by bending the mesh to form a "C"
    shape and laying your desired moss/liverwort on the top. Tie it down with black cotton and let it grow, instead
    of buying caves and shelters for your shrimps, why not try this?

    Mini Fissidens on mesh

    Fissidens cave, I make mine using 10x10cm sheets, so the caves are larger

    And a link to show you how to attach mosses onto SS mesh

    Hope this helps

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    Good thread mate, love the mini fiss too!!


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      This was an amazingly helpful thread thank you so very much stephen.
      You have helped me a lot.
      (Aquascaping and shrimp keeping)


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        Great thread & inspirational effort Stephen. Thanks.
        Bardus's Scape History Photo Album


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          Great ideas, thank you so much!


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            Excellent thread mate, has helped me out a lot, am new to the game of aquarism (haha) and have wondered how the moss carpets and drift woods are done, thanks!


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              Hi, I have a question about the stainless steel mesh...
              Can you use aluminum fly-screen instead?
              It's black and would blend in better on dark substrate...
              Would it be safe to substitute this?


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                Some people will say yes, but i will say no. Aluminium fly screen has a habit of reacting if it gets scratched or abraded, especially in the presence of Ionic compounds in the water.
                Chris -my tank


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                  you can get nylon fly screen


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                    Thanks guys,
                    well, would have been to good with the aluminum (since I have some laying around). Stainless steel is just a big budget problem and nylon fly... sounds good, but I wanted to kind of sculpt an archway (and have trouble finding the right piece of wood).
                    Is there any safe wire?
                    Or what about the simple black plastic gutter guard?
                    I heard of people using gutter guard mesh for moss walls.


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                      i would assume ss wire would be safe haha but you could always super glue little bits of wood in to an archway? and glue the moss on as well? theres heaps of infor about gluing moss on, could work but might not creat the look your after? just an idea

                      just one from a quick google search,
                      cheers buck


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                        I don't know about super gluing the wood, but the moss option sounds very tempting. Thank you very much about that link.
                        When I try to tie things I usually get myself in a big knot... Particular since I don't like the thread look and always use some ridiculous fine sewing nylon... almost invisible in water but not so easy to work with.
                        I guess the arch will happen when I stumble over the right piece of wood, but I probably change my mind and do something else before that happens anyway.
                        Thanks everybody.


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                          Brillian thread, thanks Forever mango!
                          Just wanted to ask, do you use a particular type of thread (ie cotton or nylon). I've found with the thread I've previously used that it eventually dissintegrates. I'm new to mosses so am not sure if this is an issue or do they all attach themselves quickly to the rock / mesh / DW?


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                            I once used aluminium flyscreen for moss in my tanks, killed all of my endlers and shrimp, leaving only an unhealthy fighting fish. Always get stainless steel mesh or nylon which is what I am doing now. I think slate is also a great option too.

                            Ohko Rift


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                              Hey Mango, what a great info!
                              thanks tor sharing mate!
                              "From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free."
                              Jacques Yves Cousteau, Oceanographer


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