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    What is the leading lighting for a freshwater aquarium?

    Your best lighting alternatives for freshwater tanks are standard fluorescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs, metal halide lights, and Driven lights. You need to dodge glowing bulbs as they are appropriate as they were for little aquariums and deliver off as well much warm.

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    Well the most popular lights nowadays are LED lights. They don't use much power but that depends on the strength of the unit you buy. Of course higher light output units will use more power.

    The popular brands being Chihiros and Make My led (i have both at home and satisfied with both). Then the more expensive Fluval plant growth and Kessil. Other cheaper alternative is Aqua One.

    But yeah i vote for LED but you can still grow low light plants with standard fluorescent bulbs.


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      Chihiros LED lights are great. I have the A Series and they do fine on my 2x2x2 which is obviously quite deep.


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        I use the Chihiros A series ii with bluetooth. Setup sunrise/ sunset & hours on & intensity via an app. Also use Up aqua pro z and its good too.


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