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  • Blyxa Flowers

    Hi all . I came home early from work today as i am crook with the flu , So i thought id do my weekly water change on my high tech tank . Not really surprised as to how much i had to trim , remove duckweed , riccia etc .Never mind the emersed L Repens thats compost . But i was surprised to find 2 small Blyxa flowers that have sprouted . So i thought id take a couple of pics to share with all you nice people.


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    Thats awesome brad!

    nice work
    does this mean you can sell some.... * hint hint*
    my 6 x 2 x 2.5


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      Thanks Frank but i didnt do anything except let them float around i plan on using them to make another Blyxa tree , but once i get some more going you shall be first inline to get some .


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        Nice! Is this from your blyxa tree?


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          Hi shakti , yeah a couple of them have been blown loose from the current at the bottom of the tank so they will be going into another Blyxa tree that has bigger holes . Have just been a bit lazy with that tank over the last week . By the way the tree with plants is doing really well .


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            Must be the time of year. Noticed some flower stalks on mine also but 300mm below water level. Not open yet but will wait and see what develops.



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              Brad 73 is member of Aquarium life and joined this platform in year 2009 who is sharing a post about Blyxa flower. The sprouting of the 2 small Blyxa flower happen and observed when he was going to change the propapers routine water of this pond after the return from office.


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