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Question on raising neon tetra fry (for those that have successfully done it)

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  • Question on raising neon tetra fry (for those that have successfully done it)

    With time on my hands, I decided to re-visit an unrealised childhood ambition and breed neon tetras.

    During the summer, I successfully raised a mere half dozen fry using an outdoor bunnings tub loaded with leaf litter and rigged to received rainfall run-off.

    During winter, I tried again indoors: conditioned pair, rainwater in a small tank lined with peat, some java moss and dim lighting.

    First thing I noticed is that despite spawning merrily in the grow-out tank, breeding candidates will go into a sulk for a week or so after being introduced to the spawning tank.

    Eventually, they spawned.

    A few days later, I saw a few tiny fry: maybe several but visibility was poor with the peat and the java moss. The water was loaded with infusoria but it was like the Burma railway, every morning I could see less. This morning, I can see one.

    The adults are perfectly happy with the water chemistry (rainwater, PH around 6.0, tea-coloured) and the eggs hatched. I did have to top up the tank with a couple more tea-cups of rainwater but are they THAT sensitive? I've also been guilty of using a pocket torch to see what's going on in there but I thought it was the eggs that were light sensitive and it wasn't THAT much light.
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