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    I chucked excess plants into an outside 50lt tank a couple months ago ,this tank was half filled with rain water.& now covered with red root floaters &Lots of java fern. Couldnt see inside the tank due to glass being coated in thick green algae.
    Today i was going to clean the tank & found about 10 black neons & also some Glolight tetras. These fish are about half adult size & gorgeous healthy little fish.
    No feedings & only rain water topups, just goes to show accidental breeding is also very satisfying .
    These fish will be going back inside when the weather cools .

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    That is completely awesome! I have a small colony of Corydoras Sterbai in my main planted tank that breed accidentally just enough to slowly grow their population. I think there is about a dozen out of half a dozen I bought years ago.

    I have an indoor pond with neon tetras. I see them spawning regularly but I've never seen fry. I've considered chucking some neons into a rain barrel outside (I live in Brisbane) to see what happens...


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      I didn't know that tetras can also live with rainwater, well thanks to this info


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