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Bristle nose pleco not happy

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  • Bristle nose pleco not happy

    Hi all I've inherited a 70litre tank and one of the existing fish is a bristle nose pleco, female I think. Never even saw her until recently when she abandoned her home where she hides all the time (pirate ship) and parked herself on the filter or behind the air stone and looked kind of agitated. Every so often she shoots to the surface so I'm guessing it's something about the water that's pissing her off. Went and got it tested and it's perfect but Google suggested it could be parasitic or fungal in nature so I bought some aqua one broad spectrum remedy and put the recommended amount in water (removed carbon in filter)

    So it's been about a day now and she's still darting to surface but maybe I just need to be patient! Would anyone have any other ideas? If so please let me know! Thanks

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    Hi and welcome to the forum

    Can you post a picture and video of the fish?


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      In oxygen-poor environments, they may use some of the oxygen for respiration as well. Often, at dusk, a pleco will rush very quickly to the top of the aquarium and gulp air and then make a splash on its way back into the water. Some plecos are known to be more forceful while doing this, creating quite a splash.


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