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L046 hypancistrus zebra pleco catfish.

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  • L046 hypancistrus zebra pleco catfish.

    We are particularly happy to be able to offer beautiful L046 (Hypancistrus zebra pleco fish). This species is unmistakable among the armored catfish with its black and white drawing and has attracted many aquarists thanks to its beauty. Luckily - because in nature these fish are seriously threatened by a dam project (the third-largest hydropower plant in the world) or are doomed to extinction. The species inhabits fast-flowing areas of the Rio Xingu and these are dammed up to a lake. The L46 should be maintained in soft water and 26-30 C. For the offspring caves are needed in a special form or you can also build (stack) caves from slates. We have sizes ranging from 3 to 12cm currently available in stock for sale.

    Email: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]
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