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Pleco species for my 4ft scape!

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  • Pleco species for my 4ft scape!

    someone recommend me a nice looking/somewhat inexpensive pleco/sucking catfish for my 4ft scape

    im thinking of.. a couple of common longfin bristlenose, whiptail species, maybe even a tiger or clown pleco!

    inspire me!

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    I like the Royal whiptails, but then there are also some nice L numbers that aren't crazy expensive but look pretty cool as well. I've got some L333's and they always get a gasp from people whenever they come out of hiding to feed.

    But realistically, whatever floats your boat, and more importantly - whatever is in your budget and is available immediately so you don't have to wait
    I'll try anything twice.


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      I love the peppermint bristlenoses - quite striking, charismatic and I think they're stunning...


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        I have an orange spot bn. He is only about 3cm and for now there is so much driftwood I never see him, but he is good looking.


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          Another vote for royal whiptails. Beautiful fish. Quite active and not shy (unlike many of the L numbers). Mine constantly clean the glass, plants, driftwood, and rocks. One of my favourite fish.

          If you're after L numbers be aware of their various dietary requirements. Some species need wood, some need veges, and some need meat as their main food source. Most are no good for cleaning algae. And they tend to be reclusive. The ones I have are L270, L066, L080. They are gorgeous fish but prefer a protein diet. A really nice looking and relatively common/inexpensive wood/vege eater is L397.

          Perhaps go for some peppermint bristlenose or the bristlenose form (mistakenly) labelled L144 which is colored like an albino but with blue or black eyes.
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