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  • Sparkling gourami

    Moss tank needs fish & shrimp,does anyone know where I can get sparkling gourami's I have my reservation about putting them with shrimp,the tanks about 50 lt and pretty thick with mosses and anubia,crypts etc so there no shortage of hiding places,any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Discus Eden can probably shed some light on Shrimp and Sparkling gouramis, but i believe that they are not particularly compatible.
    In the beginners section is a list of fish that can go with shrimp.
    Chris -my tank


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      Thanks for that,tend to get a lot of conflicting info on this matter.


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        Regrettably from what I've heard is that they're master shrimp hunters.


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          Hi, just found the thread.

          Have a read through this:

          I've kept this fish in with shrimp in a 4ft tank, with a very large population of shrimp of various species. It was also in with other fish. The sparking gourami didn't cope with this set-up. The shrimp coped even less well - they were eaten at a great rate. It really needs to be in a single species tank.

          This fish has a small mouth, however it is a voracious hunter, and can and will pull apart an adult shrimp, as well as predating on many shrimplets.

          It is shy, and easily stressed. It copes best in a tank with high tannin levels, lots of hiding places and will only tolerate a narrow range of conditions.

          It is really a fish for experienced fish keepers - I have no idea of course of your level of experience, but I guess you need fair warning.

          This is a link to thread with the list of fish that Chris mentioned for fish tanks:

          This is a link to profiles of some possible fish.

          In 50 litre tank with shrimp I'd be looking at either:
          - any of the boraras listed
          - pseudomogil gertrudae (from Aquagreen)
          - endlers - might out-breed the size of the tank unless you bought only males.
          - Neon Yellow/Green Danio/Microrasbora kubotai (Microdevario Kubotai) - you'd be pushing your luck with these, both due to the size of the tank for the fish, and the fish wiping out your shrimp.
          - Celestial Pearl Danio/AKA Galaxy Rasbora (Danio Margaritas) - you would be pushing your luck with these, the other options are far, far better for you.
          "Weeds are just plants growing in the wrong place" - Jackie French
          Gardening is just racism for plants - Amber, The Old Guys


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            I pretty much agree with DE. I will add though that kept in a shrimp only tank as the only fish. I found them very easy to keep and they multiplied without me doing anything at all.

            They are however serious shrimplet hunters, in a community tank arrangement they tend to hunt shrimplets all day and all night. They will wriggle through your moss and plants and reach every last mm of the tank hunting. I personally have not experienced them taking on adults but my fish are always well fed and this helps reduce predation. (But has other implications such as increased maintainence)

            On the other hand the courting is spectacular and the fish is quite charming to keep.

            They do less well in a community arrangement, tending to die off easily, daily frozen foods are needed to keep them well fed as they usually are not interested in dry foods. The shrimp tank community that has a range of fish species is a joy when it works but a few wrong fish decisions or poorly thought out feeding/water quality control can see the tank fall short of working successfully.

            In the end you have to prioritize, your either keeping shrimp with fish. Or fish with shrimp. That decision decides what combination and its outcomes are acceptable for your circumstance.

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              Thanks guys,I breed apistogramma species,betta ,danios & some others back in the early 80's,started keeping tanks again about 7 years ago but wasn't bothered about breeding anything so I just keep simple fish Congo tetras,black ghost elephant nose a few synodontis species,I've only just caught up to micros & shrimp so I'll take heed of the info,thanks again.


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                Keep in mind that you're not compelled to have shrimp just because you have microfish. It certianly gives you that possibility, but if that's making your decision making more difficult, you can take that off the board, and just think about fish if you'd like. Or just shrimp.

                Sorry to treat you like a newb with fish when you have that experience. It's always difficult to gague with people you haven't had much contact with before. You sound like you have the background to keep anything you'd like along these lines.

                I'll be really interested to see what you come up with.
                Please ask any questions you'd like to, or just throw ideas around with us.

                Have you put up pics of your other fish?
                "Weeds are just plants growing in the wrong place" - Jackie French
                Gardening is just racism for plants - Amber, The Old Guys


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                  I kept ~5 sparkling gouramis in my community tank previously, along with cherry shrimp. Although I was unaware of their particular taste in shrimp beforehand, the cherry reds outbred them rapidly (perhaps due to the amount of mosses/ground cover I had for the shrimp & babies to hide in). But weirdly I never saw any of these gouramis have any interest in shrimp - however guppy fry (which was obviously a terrible idea, I was younger and stupider) were another thing entirely, they went absolutely nuts hunting for them.

                  In comparison, my liquorice gouramis cleaned up baby shrimp in record time (I managed to catch & rehome the majority of adults prior) - so maybe I have somehow managed to raise the only sparkling gouramis who aren't interested in shrimp? Of all the different types of small fish I have in my tank, it's the gouramis which I like watching the most - apart from being so beautiful they seem to have the most personality.


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                    I kept shrimp and sparkling gouramis in my shrimp tank, once they know that there are shrimpletts around they will not stop hunting them...It was filled with moss and plants but they are amazing little hunters. my population of cherries only started to grow when i re-homed the fish.


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