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Dwarf plecos

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  • Dwarf plecos

    hi all i am looking at some dwarf plecos ?

    what varieties grow to about 7cm and nice to look at ?
    guppies, rasboras hengeli, corydoras sterbai, SAE, dwarf chain loaches, otos, neons

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    i think L201 only get to about 8cm or so, black with white spots. L104, not quiet as pretty - but still nice in their own way, only get to about that size aswell. These are prob the more available ones here is aus


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      Just a heads up from my experience......I have an L104 and L270 for 6 months and I VERY RARELY see them. They are nocturnal and hide during the day. Very beautiful, but elusive! ��


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        Majorly elusive, I have 2 201's and I haven't seen them for about 2 months, I even have a 3cm 201 in a breeder trap with driftwood and more often than not the only way to see it is to flip the driftwood over. Beautiful fish though


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