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My black arrow angels

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  • My black arrow angels


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    Mate what do you mean "Dont say anything"? They are fantastic I love the shape. Where they a local find or did you have to search high and low for them? With any luck you will have more the natural way...Cheers Clif
    Clif Irwin


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      I can't 'not say anything'

      I think it's a disgrace that people would keep angels that have been mutilated this way. do you know how they get like this? they have their tails snipped off when very young. Many die in the process so that people like Clif can adore their shape and foolishly think that they will breed true. There is no 'natural way' to make these.....

      Mods - Surely you don't want mutilated fish being promoted on this forum? This type of activity should not be accepted in the hobby.
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        Well, I think it's a disgrace that you jumped to an ignorant conclusion and then insulted both myself and Clif.
        How incredibly rude!
        Take a look in the mirror and remember I didn't invite your comments.
        Amazing how uninformed someone can be....yet have such a staunched opinion,regardless.
        Thanks Clif....I'll pm you mate.(ignore the vile remarks mate...maybe something actually did get snipped at a very young age...and it wasn't the angels...hehe)
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          yes i clearly feel strongly about it

          uninformed?? please explain
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            Uninformed.....lacks knowledge,needs research,states opinions as fact....need I go on?
            Let's say,'where did you get your info?'
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              Let me ask u something...

              If you bred them would they produce fry with or without a tail?
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                .inform yourself if you want a discussion.It's not my job to educate anybody here.Have a look at my profile and check my background before you jump in.
                end of story.
                Enjoy the new fish everyone.
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                  I don't support this type of thing regardless of whether it's bred from a natural deformity or man made - purely because it is something that severely inhibits the fishes natural movements.

                  I am interested though to hear what the background of these fish is so I'm hoping you can post the history of these fish anthonyrae - purely to educate members on this forum.
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                    Now, how on Earth do you know functionality is impeded.When you prove that, I may talk.
                    In the meantime ,I feel no need to defend my ethics.


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                      Functionality is obviously impeded - they have no tail fins! (insert friendly emoticon here - not intended to sound like I'm having a stab). They may swim okay but something will be working un-naturally to make up for the missing tail fin.

                      In any case I don't wish to have a debate; I know nothing about the history of the fish, hence asking you as I couldn't find any information on google or YouTube.


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                        So.. what are these?
                        wob wob wob wob


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                          Angels with their tails cut off

                          An example of animal cruelty
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                            Hot topic.

                            When I was young, I had a boxer with a cropped tail. You can't do that anymore.

                            When I was young, they performed ritual male genital mutilation on me without my consent. For some reason, they are still allowed to do that here.

                            I'm sure neither I nor my boxer could produce an offspring with the same features.

                            You may have an antiquity there AR that won't be seen in the next few years???

                            For the record, I'm also not into breast implants......
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                              anthonayrae this is a public forum, you can not post photos of a possibly contoversial fish/variant or what ever and not expect comment. You are happy to have positive feedback, and you must have suspected there may be those who may not like them, otherwise I don't get your DON'T SAY ANYTHING PLEASE! request.

                              I suspect these fish are going to recieve some flack, and may rank somewhere between balloon fish and fish that have been dyed or tattoed.

                              I have never heard or seen these fish before and my first thought was, oh my god this is wrong, so wrong. I don't know how they are created, and a quick search on the interweb doesn't shed any light.


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