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  • Golden Pencil fish

    Hi all,

    I'm seeking some advise from those of you that have kept these little guys before. What, if any, pitfalls have you encountered with them?

    I'd been looking for something I could add to my Shrimp tank with confidence for some time and wanted something other than the standard Neons.

    I spotted these at a LFS on the weekend and found myself watching them for ages. I found their character and antics captivating and at under $4 ea I couldn't resist. They have the tiniest mouth I've seen so I was confident that they'd leave the shrimp alone - which was confirmed once they were introduced to my tank.

    The best part is that within a couple of hours these little guys had cleaned up all the little crawly critters I had clinging to my glass
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    Hi Swampy, I've got the Gold Pencilfish Nannostomus beckfordi, and the Coral Red Pencilfish.

    Not quite sure I should be answering, as you asked for pitfalls, and I've had none - other than wanting to get more. So cute! I found a baby today - either a white cloud (more likely I suspect) or one of the gold pencilfish. Hoping to see it again soon, but it's in the 6ft tank.

    I think the coral reds go after the tiny one to maybe 3 day old shrimplets, but after that I suspect they're pretty safe maybe? Safer than neons I think anyway.
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      Hi Swampy,

      I have kept and bred golden pencilfish in the past, really terrific little fish. No trouble with the other tank mates and never had any problems.
      Highly recommended



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        Thanks guys.

        It seems like I might be on a winner then.. What do they need to breed successfully? I've read they're a soft water fish and like lots of moss etc to deposit their eggs. This works well in my current setup if that's the case.

        Hey DE.

        All I can say about the Red Corals is WOW!!

        Where did you get these and what are they worth?

        Thanks again
        Live your life like no-one's watching!


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          I got them from Fishchicks - and you're not wrong about the wow! They're my favourite fish - they catch the attention of everyone that stands in front of the tank!
          They're worth every cent I assure you.
          "Weeds are just plants growing in the wrong place" - Jackie French
          Gardening is just racism for plants - Amber, The Old Guys


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            I have few of the coral reds, and am about to get my hands on some more so I can try and breed them. They are by far my favourite fish at the moment.
            I have 2 in my current tank that display breeding behaviour once a fortnight and have seen at least one egg be laid/dropped. However with so many shrimp in the tank the eggs don't stand a chance. So i'm currently setting up a breeding tank in the shed so when they start doing their little dance I can throw them into the empty tank filled with moss/stem cuttings for a day. or I may just keep the two in the breeding tank and move the eggs to a breeder box when/if they are laid
            My current tank is reasonably well planted, however my PH is probably a bit high from what i've read for them to breed - but they seem to be very happy and they hang round the entire tank, from top to bottom.

            And YES, my seed shrimp population is practically zero since having them. They will pick off the very small shrimp but I think once they are about a week old they are too big/too hard to eat.

            As for price..... fishchicks is by far the cheapest at $100 for 4. I paid double that in melbourne earlier this year.
            I'll try anything twice.


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              I can't comment on the coral red pencils, but the gloden pencils are one of my favourite fish, they never bother anything else, they look great and they're always moving, plus they are very cheap.


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                Here is an old video of my CRPs sparring (When I still had them)... Very nice fish indeed. Try not looking at the dirty tank and neglected plants. LOL!


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                  These are really pretty fish. Lots of personality in a small package.


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                    Yeah they go the most amazing red when they get in a tizz like that.
                    And I saw a zebra Oto in there as well, been trying to get my hands on them as well, but Fishchick seems to be the only one in the country that gets them, and they usually go too quick for me.
                    I'll try anything twice.


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