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  • Gourami bubble nest

    hey guys.
    i have a pair of Dwarf Gourami and yesterday arvo i noticed that my male had started to build a bubble nest. This arvo it is now larger and has a higher dome so to speak. He doesn't seem to be building it anymore so i was wondering;

    how do i tell if it has eggs in it now or is just prepared & waiting for her to dump them in there?

    what do the eggs look like?

    i can't see any eggs either from the top or from underneath, they do seal the eggs off with another layer of bubbles on the underside dont they?

    thanks in advance.

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    The eggs are tiny white dots. Yes he adds more bubbles but this doesn't 'seal' them so much as 'incorporate' them. You can generally still see that there are eggs between the bubbles near the bottom of the nest, although they may be hard to make out.

    You should also see him catching the odd one that drifts down and returning it, also he may suck in a bunch of eggs/bubbles and 'mouth' them from time to time as a fungus preventative.

    She doesn't just dump the bubbles in the nest, they do some sort of mating manoeuvre under the nest and he grabs the eggs after as they drift downward.
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      Dwarf gourami eggs are alot clearer than betta eggs and so it can be quite hard to see a full nest.Usually the male starts to pay alot more attention to the nest than before.After a day or 2 the eggs go grey then black just before hatching.Dwarf gourami fry are very hard to raise without a good paramecium culture and the fancy ones seem to die off very easily compared to the wild coloured ones.


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        bad news, when i got home from work the next day the nest had been demolished somehow.


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