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Best food for coral red pencilfish

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  • Best food for coral red pencilfish

    Hi guys, I managed to find a coral red pencil fish at subscape today while I was picking up some ember tetras. Been looking for them for a while and just happened to notice this one that had come in with another order. So i've asked if they can get me some more but in the mean time I wondered if anyone can point me in the direction of any particular type/brand of store bought food that will be small enough for their mouths. I plan on feeding brine shrimp every now and then, but want to avoid the hassle of breeding them until I get more than one fish. I've currently got some flake food, tetra food, & dried spinach & used the morter & pecil (sorry if thats spelt wrong) to crush it up small enough for the little guy.

    Ultimately i'd like to get rid of the embers and just have the pencils, but until then the embers give a bit more life to my previously shrimp only tank.

    Any help with those that have kept them before would be much appreciated.

    I'll try anything twice.

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    Try frozen Daphnia and Cyclops.
    Live would be even better including small Mossie larvae.
    A few weeks of that and you will want to hang on to the Embers.


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      Just remembered this thread...

      Subvert the dominant paradigm!


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        Thanks anthony & GF. I did a search on pencilfish earlier because I remember reading that post, but for some reason it didn't come up, hence the post
        I'll try anything twice.


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          I don't know if it's the "best", but I feed mine with live Grindal worms. (all my fish including shrimps loves this worm)
          Also, they pick on mushed frozen peas (downside is that peas pollute the water quickly)

          you can see the feeding here:


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            I bought some bunch of rasbora and Nannostomus rubrocaudatusII etc from Jodi (Fishchick AQ). she has some shrimp lava food(fine granule) that i bought some.
            all small fish love them as well others(apistogrammas etc)
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