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Need impellor shaft?

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  • Need impellor shaft?

    My internal filter impellor shaft broke into 3 pieces today, does anyone know where to buy replacement ones or even something to replace it?

    Any help appreciated

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    If its a name brand various online aquarium shops have them.


    Might get lucky on ebay.

    A piece of bamboo skewer might last a few days while you're waiting on mail.

    I put an eheim 2213 shaft into a no-name filter once by carefully snapping bits off the end of the ceramic shaft using a bench vice until it was the right length.


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      I only use metal shaft filters now. t can get too expensive


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        Thanks for the link, looks like a top place. Bookmarked it. Metal shafts sounds more logical to me to

        Looking through techden, none of the shafts have measurements, I need a 8mm one but have no idea what I can use as a replacement one lol
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          Originally posted by belveder View Post
          Assume you mean 80mm - could always contact them with measurements but you need to be pretty specific with the diameter of the shaft as they differ. Easier if you know the brand of your filter. I found that an eheim 2213 shaft fits in an Aquael power head perfectly. I put the ceramic eheim shaft into a vice and chipped little bits off the end until I had it at the right length.

          Ceramic shafts wear less than metal but are brittle AF. After you break a few you treat them with a lot more respect. I don't pull them out any more unless I'm replacing the impellers (every 5-10 years when noisy). Just clean the filter and leave the heads intact. They run a bit quieter with a lube of biofilm on them.


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