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  • Algae scrubber?

    Hey everyone,
    My sump is nearing completion and I've stumbled across the idea of algae scrubbers. I was going to go with a refugium, but by the sounds of it an algae scrubber set up would be more what I'm looking for. The ideal end goal of the tank would be a dwarf hair grass carpet with not too many other plants with discus. I'll be running co2, high light set up in the main tank (and by consequence the sump)
    Has anyone had any experience with algae scrubbers? Would the scrubber pull nutrients away from the growth of the carpet?
    Any help most appreciated :-)

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    Did you build it?

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      Originally posted by razull View Post
      Would the scrubber pull nutrients away from the growth of the carpet?
      In a sense, I'd say it would. I honestly don't see the point of using an algae scrubber in a planted tank as, to my mind, you're simply introducing another organism (i.e. another source of variability) that uses N, K, P, CO2, but that can also potentially cause havoc if it 'gets out'. The primary method of running a planted tank is to balance parameters so that plant health is promoted and algae growth is staved off. This is usually done by balancing Light, CO2, macros with the plant mass you have. In most high-light tanks, like the one you describe, nutrients are taken up at such a rate that more need to be added (the higher the growth the more nutrients to add). In other words, in a properly functioning planted tank, the plants themselves perform the function of an algae scrubber (nutrient export); this may not be the case in low-light, sparsely planted, non-CO2 tanks.

      A refugium, on the other had, could simply act as an additional space to grow more plants within the same system. Again, nutrient export isn't typically an issue in planted tanks because of plant growth, so a 'fuge/scrubber itself isn't really needed. A system that was growing plants in an attached 'fuge would have a higher nutrient requirement than to one that wasn't.



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