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Filtration for a 8x2x2?

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  • Filtration for a 8x2x2?

    I have a 8ft tank and im just wondering would a fluval fx5 and a aqua one natualis 2700lh be a sufficient way to filter the tank ill be putting a saratoga in it along with a few flag tails a stingray and a salmontail in it is this a good flow through the tank?

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    For those big messy fish I would aim for more filtration. Eheim 2260 and Eheim 2080 are the best IMO. FX5 is ok but no match for the Eheim 2080. I have no experience with the Aqua One so I can't comment on that.

    Have you considered a sump or a pond canister filter?


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      Awesome sounding tank, but once they outgrow it, you'll need to convert a swimming pool to house them. And a big fence to keep out small cats & dogs less they become fish food for the Saratoga. Love to see some pics coen.
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        Ive had sump systems before there good but annoying to look after, on the cleaning side of things. I had a look into the pond filters but what media came with it and the actual desigin seemed cheap to me so i bought the fx5 instead. I havent got the fish yet only the salmontail as the saratoga are only coming into season now and the stingray pups are still a little to small to sell yet and the flag tails are all out of stock from my supplyer so its a waiting game at the moment. Thanks for all the feed back though!


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