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  • Bullrout

    I recently saw two juvenile bull rout at an aquarium near me, one normal one and a black and white striped one, and was wondering a few things. What size tank would they need, potential tank mates and aquarium setup.


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    Hi mate,

    I had mine in a 4x1.5x1.5. They are pretty well sedentary so even though they get to be a fair lump of a fish they don't need a big tank... Tank mates... Hmmm, I wouldnt. Bullrouts will prey on anything smaller than it. They can be territorial so they will be a threat to anything of a similar size... The other thing is most bullrouts are pretty hard to get onto prepared foods and can be difficult to feed. You may need to feed fish fillet, prawn or live feeders to a bullrout... he will struggle to get a feed if he is kept with more active predators like barra.
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      It would be the exact same tank size as that, and would be fed feeder fish. What about adding 3-4 toxotes microlepis? Btw amazing aquarium photography!!!


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        The guy I sold my Bullrout to (Voodoo on another forum I frequent) tried Archers... Didn't last long.

        Check it out first hand:


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          What if I went with just the archers, what tank mates could they have?


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            Barra, scats, mono's, sleepy cod, barcoo grunter, black eeltail. If you wanted to go brackish you could use some of the aforementioned plus something super cool like target fish though they can get a bit nasty.


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