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  • Re: breeding spangled gudgeons

    Hello ..... was wondering if anyone could give us tips on breeding spangled gudgeons....thanks for your time...

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    I am pretty sure they would have some kind of brackish larval stage and they would need a huge tank. They probably breed in pairs, Like PSG's, I would google that If I were you. Could pay to PM Dave, he breeds all kinds of natives.


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      I have not tried that species. I have seen them pared up in rocky habitat in local estuaries. I have not seen their eggs. A large adult male is quite a speccy fish. The one pictured in the Gerald Allen book "A Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Australia" was photographed at my place by Neil Armstrong back in the 1990's. I just realised I dont have a photo of one, they are quite common in estuary creeks. I must bring some home for photos.

      I have heard that Butis butis eggs are not that small and possible to breed in aquaria and they live in the same place. I am sure that we could all benefit if you send me a PM we may be able to find some Spangled Gudgeons from a local collector if you are going to breed or try to breed them in captivity. The condition will be a story for DiscusEden to put in the articles section.



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