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Erythromycin forms and dosage for bga

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    In theory, if it says kno3, then it should be reasonably ie 98% or more pure. You can get lab grade which is closing in on 99.9% etc but will have to pay for the privilege, which is not really needed for the aquarium use.

    Originally posted by blybo View Post
    Are all sources of KNO3 equal?

    Was going to see if these guys can supply smaller amounts


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      Thanks for that Rebel. I'll be picking up 5kg's next Monday arvo. Way too much of course but it's only $15...


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        My wife has ordered enough Erythromycin for 1x 5 day treatment from a wholesaler for next to nothing, it was going to cost over $80 from a chemist, somebodies making way too much money there...

        However as a last resort I'm going to try this .

        Oh and 1 of these
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          Originally posted by blybo View Post
          My wife has ordered enough Erythromycin for 1x 5 day treatment from a wholesaler for next to nothing, it was going to cost over $80 from a chemist, somebodies making way too much money there...
          Yup, the Australian pharmacy gravy train is still steaming ahead at full speed - daylight robbery quite frankly.

          Can you take before and after pictures? Despite my views on abx use, I am very interested to see the effects.


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            Definitely want to see pictures and keen to find out your water parameters (esp ammonia) during the treatment.


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              As a medical scientist who worked for more than 40 years in a small combined microbiology/histopathology laboratory, where one of my duties was to perform antibiotic sensitivity assays and advise clinicians in the selection and use of antibiotics, I second the comments from the correspondents who point out the dangers inherent in the indiscriminate use of antibiotics. I was also responsible for cross infection monitoring and policy, and often saw first-hand the outcome of misuse of antibiotics.
              I have the greatest respect for Dr Loh, and have searched his website for any suggestion that he advocates or approves the use of erythromycin as a treatment for blue green alga in aquariums. His blog does include a report by another party on the subject, but I do not see Dr Loh supporting the reported use.

              The facts are simple: while BGA is unsightly, it in no way can be described as causing a threat to the health of fish livestock; in fact the opposite is true. In 60+ years of keeping and breeding fishes, I have never seen unhealthy fishes in an aquarium infested by BGA. Furthermore as I stated earlier, I believe that erythromycin has no place in aquaria for ANY purpose as it is a bacteriostatic antibiotic that works in animal therapy by suppressing bacterial growth while allowing natural immune response to effect the ultimate removal of infecting organisms. Since said immune response is not a feature displayed by aquaria, the use of erythromycin can in no way be justified to treat BGA, or indeed any infective problem in aquaria, particularly when other means will suffice.

              I am staggered that a qualified veterinarian would consider prescribing erythromycin for the purpose stated, and more so considering that the said vet plans to use it for "personal" reasons. The matter transcends the merely irresponsible, and approaches the immoral. I despair at the attitude of those aquarists whose attitude is "don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up!", though I guess that by now I should be used to such.

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                Okay, things are getting a little out of hand here. Can we all just take a step back please? sydad, could you empty your inbox please? I'd like to give you a little more detail in private.

                The worst thing about forums is people sometimes only read the parts of a discussion they want to attack.

                Due to all the commotion caused here we are going to consult directly with Dr Loh before using ANY antibiotic treatment. The only reason my wife placed the order for Erythromycin in the first place was because we took the advice of a LBS who told us Dr Loh had prescribed Erythromycin to them to control BGA outbreaks. We had no reason to doubt this advice but we will now talk with Dr Loh before using antibiotics.

                SINCE I STARTED THIS THREAD I HAVE FOUND ANOTHER TREATMENT OPTION AND I AM GOING WITH THAT FIRST, as I have said earlier in this thread. I always said the antibiotics were a last resort option but that is not how others have read this thread.
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                  The right dosage for whatever type of medicine you're prescribed is essential to be considered. As I stumbled upon the right measure though, I often thought: is carisoprodol an opiate? As I researched though, I did eventually find the answer.


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