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My first marine aquarium

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  • My first marine aquarium


    My first marine aquarium, plan to have suitable corals and few fish, feel free to comment about the aquascape, and coral choice.

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    I would bring the hardscape forwards slightly towards the centre. It looks a bit pushed into the corner/cramped imo.
    Having clear space behind the hardscape will also help with flow.


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      tks for the comment, i agree. the reason that i put the hard one on top, as it needs more light, and it seems my rock is not enough, i have glued the coral on the rock, i might just try to move the rock a bit.


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        i really do not know how to do a good aquascape, an do not know much about coral, just picked up the ones that i like from lfs.


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          I would move the pillar that is in the right hand corner out and towards the front a little and maybe the bigger shelf so its pointing towards the front left hand corner? Also with corals take your time to do some research, impulse or uneducated buys in the marine hobby will get expensive and need to be researched as there are may corals that cannot be put next to each other etc. Some great corals for beginners/hardier corals are ones often refered to a softies - mushrooms, leathers etc and things like the torch coral you have, hammer corals. Most people have a smart phone these days so you can even google stuff while in the shop if you see something cool.


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