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  • Marine is Life

    Marine is hard
    Dont do marine its too hard
    Marine is only for pros
    Saltwater tanks are difficult to maintain

    you'll hear this alot but this Marine hobby is so amazing....i use to fight over bucephalandras over the internet now i hunt for coral releases for Zoanthids.
    Getting into Marine is the best thing to ever happen to me in fish keeping. i use to keep planted tanks dont get me wrong i loved planted tanks. i love the greens and the reds the contrasts to rocks or wood.
    But corals the diverse colours are amazing. If you look up zoanthids you'll understand. i always wanted to get into marine but costs became an issue tanks that i researched fetched a price tank of $900 for just the tank.
    So i decided to go the cheapest avenue with my marine project. i got a starphire tank and had the tank drilled the way i could use to get through and keep corals the cheapest way possible.
    took my one year to adjust the flow correctly with different pumps i used. This hobby makes you learn alot with all the chemicals and testing of water chemistry and fragging i feel like a home scientist.
    With all the research i did even when trouble came my way i was still stressed but you learn so when someone else talks about it you can help them tackle the situation.
    Well heres my tank if you want me to tell you more about anything at all just ask here. i'm no way a professional unlike the boys who assisted me in the Marine keeping hobby the Boys at Aquaristic Arncliffe.

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    good job buddy, i will one day too venture into marine i hope!


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      Looking great! Love the zoa myself, just wish I could get me hands on paradise ones!


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        Marine tanks are easier than planted IMO!
        Very jealous of your zoas mate.
        PM me when you have some frags for sale.


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          Looks nice, I kind of want to try a salt water tank but dont think i have the room for it... also it took me over a year to really get my head around planted tanks, not sure im up to the challenge of a marine tank :P


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