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  • Rocks Reef (Tall)

    3rd reef tank here in Oz. Few scratches but can't really argue atm. Currently coming out of yet another lul of a lack of maintenance. Has happened a few times already, but going to be keeping on top of maintenance this time.

    Reefing Since: 2006-8?

    System Objectives: Just to have something that looks nice, keeps my kids in check, and a conversation piece when visitors come over lol

    Type of reef: Mixed Softies and LPS

    Display System:

    Initial Fill Date: 12th Feb 2012

    Display Tank Dimensions: 450mmx450mmx750mm

    Display Lighting: Lumini Aqua System_Gemis 120R1 (Trial run atm. Was put over the tank 2 weeks ago)

    Stand: Pine, stained black

    Hood or Rimless: No hood

    Sump Design: Racetrack?

    Support systems:

    NSW or ASW: NSW

    Display Water circulation: 1 Jebao WP25, 1 14,000 lph twin.

    Return Pump: Jeboa DC3000

    Skimmer: BM NAC3.5

    Evaporation Top Up: DIY Auto

    Other Equipment: Teco TR5 chiller with heater element


    2x Perc
    1x Pixie Hawkfish
    1x female Mandarin Goby
    Countless morphs
    Countless zoas
    Countless turbos scouring the rocks (wish they spent more time on the damn glass!) Update: they now spend too much time on the glass...
    few Trochus
    2x Nass Snails
    and a Tuxedo Urchin somewhere in there. Usually rearranging my frag rack.

    When I started this tank




    A few random photos.

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    Looks good buddy. i love deep tanks. wish my clowns would go in the nem like that!! mine have no interest at all


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      Oh it took awhile. They didn't want anything to do with it, as they were forcing a hammer to host them. That was until I took everything they tried to dig themselves into, out of the tank and left them with the nem.

      Only down side I see now is when I'm clearing the brachy out of the tank. Whenever my hand gets to close, they get all protective and want to take chunks of skin out of my arm.


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        Love the face on the 3rd fish (Pixie Hawkfish?) Got a great roll of the eye going!
        Hubby originally bought me my 3ft tank a few years ago to set up as a marine. I convinced him it was out of my league. I am getting tempted though!
        Problem is I have 4 tanks going at the moment & a 5th to start shortly so don't know where or when I could fit another in
        Fortunately for me I live 100mt from the ocean & go fishing on the Great Barrier Reef.
        My 'backyard tank' is stocked with coral trout, red emperor, sea snakes, turtles, currently a few migrating humpback whales, sharks, corals, islands etc etc etc.
        Best of all it needs no maintenance from me. I still envy you your set up though


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          Thanks for the compliments . It has looked a lot better in the past, but thanks to the invasive brachypus, the anemone that loves to keep splitting (and lack of maintenance), a lot of the coral has perished.
          Can't wait for the upgrade though. I'm really liking the new light, as it has a wireless feature, can link multiple units, and is upgradable with new chips in the future.

          As for envy, I envy you for having such a huge tank just in your backyard . I go diving a lot, so this was just my way to link to the ocean (yes I know I live in extremely sunny Melbourne lol, but there are still some cool critters to be found in temperate waters).


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            I grew up in Tassie so I know how beautiful some of the temperate/cold water reefs are. Plus I happen to be totally in love with Leafy Seadragons, sea horses & pipe fish - saw plenty as a kid/teenager while snorkelling. I also love Tassie Crays & Abalone (& not for keeping in an aquarium LOL)
            Southern Right Whales are even more impressive than Humpbacks - 65ft of whale breaching compared to 45ft! Man what a beast! - I love em all tho (including sharks!)
            I think Aussie has the most incredible habitats & species - land based & aquatic. Everywhere I have been (& I have been to lots) has something to amaze me.
            Enjoy your tank & keep posting photos as it progresses for us all to admire


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              Any update on this tank?


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                Awww the hawkfish is my favourite one!! Does yours also roll its eyes all over at your presence?



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