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1300L Sumped Marine Aquarium Build

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  • 1300L Sumped Marine Aquarium Build

    I am starting a build of a 1300L Marine Aquarium for my display room.
    The aquarium model is R200 and of the 3 available Sump sizes (230L,290L,340L) I am using the small 230L sump.
    I don't actually have any pics of the finished unit yet so will insert the smaller R180 700L aquarium as it is narrower but similar.

    Smaller R180 700L version of the build

    The details / dimensions are as follows:
    2000mm x 750mm x 850mm (O.D.) in 15mm Mono-formed (round front corners) on 19mm Base, 12mm Braces and rails all in Fully Tempered Glass.
    Tank details: Weight: 368kg Max. Water Volume: 1090L Dual Internal Overflows and return, Adjustable Water Depth (72 to 78cm), 74cm recommended (Vol=1035L)
    1800mm x 410mm x 385mm (O.D.) in 8mm on 10mm Base, 8mm Baffles, 8mm rails and stand-offs, all Tempered Glass
    Sump details: Weight: 98kg Max. Water Volume: 250L 5500L/hr 60W ECO Pump, 4 Stage fed from aquarium Internal Overflow and returned via Internal route.
    Dual Overflow Feeder (in-Cabinet) with anti-gurgle silencers and isolation ball valves.
    2010mm x 760mm x 680mm (LxWxH) In Matt Black Fiberglass on 22mm Resorcinol Marine Plywood, Rear vents, Top Filtration accesses, Rear cable holes.
    Cabinet details: 4 Door (all on removable panel for full sump access and removal) hydraulic hinges, 316 S/Steel hardware. Weight: 197kg
    LED Hood:
    Using LED wireless RF remote control 240W Lighting option with 45 and 60 degree lens on the 74 x 3W Nichia and Epistar LED drivers.
    Hood details: Weight: 9.8kg LEDs 12 x 22k White, 12 x 15k White, 16 x 8k White, 8 x 390nm UV, 8 x 620nm Red, 10 x 455nm Blue, 8 x 525nm Green - 24V, 25A Waterproof Power Supply (P/S in Cabinet)

    Ancillary equipment including filter items, timers, CO2, reactors, refugium, Programmable controllers, etc will be explained once encountered in the build.

    So lets begin with the Cabinet:

    Cabinet Base with Door assembly removed

    In goes the small 1.8m 230L Sump

    On go the Doors

    Then finally the Top - now ready for the Tank

    Ok next post will be the Tank ... it's pretty heavy at 368kg so need to wait for help to get it onto Cabinet.
    Cya soon...
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    Looking forward to this. Was seriously considering going marine but chickened out at the last moment and went CADE instead.


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      Hi Ghoti, had no idea what you meant with "went CADE instead" until I saw then read your "My CADE CB1500 journal". I have never seen CADE aquariums before as nobody seems to stock them in WA.
      I am going to China in May and will find and visit the manufacturer, maybe add them to my stock offerings. I only stock Oceanson, Cleair, Aqua One and Risheng at present and looking for a few more outstanding brands to offer.
      Anyway will post the Tank mount and plumbing when I finish them today.


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        This going to be amazing. What kind of corals will you have?
        90x50x50 Planted with co2pro and EI Fert


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          Hi Jetman, haven't really committed but thinking of going with local WA corals and grasses, etc., will get my mates Derek and Steven from Western Aquarium Fish to collect some for me.
          These guys are expert divers and collectors of Corals and beautiful local reef fish. The north-west of WA, like the Barrier Reef in Qld has some unique and beautiful reef inhabitants.

          Small pic of some Ningaloo Reef local WA Corals ... not too shabby in the colour dept. hey! - there are similar corals elsewhere in the northern waters.
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            Just finished modding the Refugium Light by adding the 4x UV and 4x Red 0.5W LEDs. These are important because I generally run the refugium lights for about 12hrs per night 8pm to 8am and have found much better results in past marine tanks using UV + Red, as well as the std White and Blue diodes that the supplier of this aquarium provides.
            Tested the current draw - using a 12v 2 amp switchmode supply on a multi-set programmable Digital Timer and draw is 706mA at 12v (~8W), funny because the 240V mains side only registers 3W.
            The Refugium is in Sump Stage 2 and is only about 45 x 40cm but should be big enough to handle the nasties in this setup.

            Testing the Ref light - looking ok for now... NB: this is just the Std supplied unit without the Red and UVs.
            Have my Son-in-law coming in 1hr to help me slide the Tank onto the cabinet , so build coming along ok.
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              Ok Tank is being moved out of the Workshop tonight - it took me 45mins just to get it onto 2 x 350kg Move-it trolleys (even bent the jaws of our 200kg hydraulic wedges lifting just 1 end up).
              For those who are not used to bulky items, below is just how daunting the boxed Tank appears, when it comes time to move one.
              NB: Our bigger RGL253 tanks are 540kg and 2.55m L x 90cm W x 1.1m H, so I guess this unit is at least reasonable.

              This is the boxed Tank we need to move it 20m into the display room - it is 368kg and in a tight spot in the workshop.

              Will get a few mini pics in the next post as we install the Tank and plumb the Dual Overflows.


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                Apologies for the delay, have been just too busy to post the Tank mount or resize the pics so will keep the info coming with this schematic of the dual Overflows:

                Schematic of the Overflows on the R200 Marine Aquarium

                Hope to post the tank mount tonight then the plumbing tomorrow.


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                  Ok after another hugely busy day found time to roll the tank in and jack up to install height (by myself - wow huge effort ... don't try this alone at home guys...)
                  As usual the Tank was in perfect condition and as clean as a whistle ... pic set below:

                  368kg of R200 Tank rolls in ... what a heavy job for 1 person!

                  Anyway will install the clear Plexiglas Dual Overflows and returns tonight and plumb it tomorrow (Blue pipes and fittings in the pic-set above).
                  Cya for now


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                    Ok Tank on Cabinet and ready to fit Overflows, Returns and plumb them to the Sump and Return pump

                    Sorry for the horrid pic - just too tight to do the aquarium justice (these units are awesome, especially the White ones)

                    Tomorrow I will fit the clear plexiglass dual overflows and returns, bulkheads and detail the plumbing as it is certainly not basic - in fact world leading technology for absolutely silent operation at up to 3000L/hr flow rate.
                    Note that the HC-1000A Titanium Chiller / Heater is an in-line 1hp unit which is plumbed into the master return lines. I may need to drop down to a 1.5m 300L Sump to accommodate this chiller.
                    I would prefer to use the small 1.8m sump as it gives a lot more room inside the cabinet, at only 41cm wide. The 1.5m 300L sumps are 150 x 60 x 38cm so you lose 20cm of storage inside the cabinet.
                    I have a few smaller 1.5 sumps in the warehouse (200L, 220L and 250L) but only the 300L units here at the shop. It may be worth trying a 220L 150 x 50 x 38cm unit before committing ... more later.
                    Hopefully will also get time to mount the auto top-up tank, pump and electronic level controls.
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                      This thing is going to be absolutely drool worthy!
                      90x50x50 Planted with co2pro and EI Fert


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                        Quick update: Spent an hour or so today trying to fit everything in the cabinet - not a pretty sight so going to use 1 of the smaller 1.5m Sumps (150x50x38cm). The volume is about the same (220L) but at least everything looks like it grew there instead of trying to make things fit. The HC-1000A unit was still a too cramped so decided to try a smaller HC-500A ½hp chiller and it fits perfectly (~45mm clearance) so going to use that instead.
                        That decision also means I have more room for my bigger 5lb Catalina (~14cm diam.) CO2 cylinder and reg. They fit nicely inside between the central Door post and the Sump (~3.5cm gap when strapped).
                        Hope to post the pics of the plumbing and new 1.5m Sump later tonight.
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                          Ok have a few mins spare so here are some of the Overflow pics - note the Water Return tube from the Sump pump goes up the center of the overflow tubes which take water to the sump.
                          They do the Overflows in CLEAR Plexiglass so they aren't too intrusive in the tank.

                          Overflow / Water Returns in position in tank ready for fixing

                          I am currently working on 2 of these R200 aquariums - 1 for the display room, the other for a new customer and today realized the maximum water depth in the tank is 79cm (a whopping 1120L).
                          I will try running the shop tank at 78cm as that has the water level just 2cm below the 15mm thich cross-braces and rails. I usually set these R200 at 74cm deep - water just to top band from the outside.
                          More soon - have to go out this evening.


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                            Sorry again for delay had to install the other R200 this morning (took 5hrs) so at least that is out of the way.
                            Luckily we had 14 sumps to choose from in the warehouse so decided to go with this smaller 1.6m sump as it was left over from a previous shipment.
                            Size is 160cm x 45cm x 40cm and quoted volume is 250L which is ideal for this aquarium (Glass is hardened 8mm through-out) - incorporated Neoprene and Teflon Base sheet.
                            So I now have enough room for the Chiller between the end of the sump and cabinet end (Will fit a Black plastic air vent ~200mm x150mm in Cabinet End to ensure chiller can breath/vent easily).

                            Smaller size 1.6m (~250L) Sump to replace the 1.8m unit - allows room for better housing of aquarium equipment in the cabinet.

                            Will swap the 1.8 with the 1.6m sump later and finish the overflow plumbing for next post.
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                              Sorry guys but I may have to put this build on hold for now as I have a customer who wants to buy this unit (it is now the last in stock).
                              I only had 8 of these aquariums in stock and I think partly due to this post people have become aware of them and simply bought all of my stock.
                              It will be about 10wks before new stock arrives so will continue the build when it arrives.


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