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Thinking of setting up a local style saltwater fish tank

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  • Thinking of setting up a local style saltwater fish tank

    Hi all! I've been in freshwater tanks for about 4 months now and I'm thinking of changing to saltwater i live in Anna bay a little bit east of newcastle and looking to set up a local saltwater rockpool fish tank.
    A few questions before i start: Can i use the saltwater from the beach and how many times will i have to do a water change a month. Will i be able to take crabs snails and other small fish from the rock pools and put them in my tank? what other fish could i have i thinking of watchman gobies or Jawfish maybe some clowns and thinking of some cleaner shrimp.

    i already have a light, filter, thermometer, and heater.
    would my set up be ok? Thanks for any answers or suggestions!
    Edit: would i also be able to use rock from the beach and sand? Also I've seen that there is such a thing as freshwater Gobbies is that true? i thought there were only saltwater if there is does anyone recommend them? do they burrow and so on?
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    Late reply, you probably already set it up. But local style tanks are great.

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      I think you can safely use the water from the local beach, of course, if it is clean, as well as fish from the local reservoir, but of course the water needs to be cleaned and changed, I myself switched to seawater because I like sea fish more I have 4 aquariums I earned on them here


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        For my aquarium, which I bought after I managed to earn money on the site, I use sea salt, it helps well for therapeutic effects


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