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i lost my second orange clown fish

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  • i lost my second orange clown fish

    hey all,

    i bought two clown fish from lfs, one is orange and one is black. however, i lost the orange one second day, after few about two weeks later, i have the other orange clown fish again. when i put him into the aquarium, the black one is a bit aggressive to him, so i separate them from each other, however, the second orange clown fish does not eat much at all, and died few days later. So far, the black clown fish is still very good and health, i have tested the water, everything seems fine. now really do not know what happened to orange clown fish, does the orange clown fish are not as hardy as black one? i am also thinking should i get a pair of new clown fish instead of one? should i keep black clown fish together, and not mix them with orange one?


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    8 months late for this post but I am concerned that a shop would sell you 2 different species of clownfish for the same tank.

    Anemone fish (aka clownfish) are territorial and generally live in prs or groups consisting of an adult female (biggest fish), an adult male (slightly smaller than the female, and a number of smaller juvenile fish that are neither male nor female. If a fish in the group dies, the fish that were lower than it all move up 1 position in their ranking.

    eg: If the female dies, the male turns into a female and grows bigger. The most dominant juvenile then becomes a male and pairs up with the new female (the former male). And all the juveniles move up 1 notch.

    eg: the male dies. The female remains in charge but the most dominant juvenile becomes a male, and all the other juveniles move up one notch in the pecking order.

    This can happen even if a fish does not die. For example if a fish is removed from the group/ anemone, then within a few hours the pecking order gets changed and everyone moves up a notch.

    What this means for an aquarium is you should either buy 2 juvenile fish and let them argue a bit until one takes charge. You can limit the aggression by purchasing two juveniles that seem to hang around together (like friends), or 2 juveniles that are different size. The bigger juvenile will become female and the smaller will become male. Alternatively, you buy a bonded pr, which is simply 2 adult fish (1 male & 1 female) that have been together. Or you can buy 1 fish and put it in your tank, where it will become a female. Then if you want to add another fish later on, you will need a juvenile so it doesn't try to take over and they fight to the death. Two female clownfish will try to kill each other.

    Different species of clownfish should not be housed together in the same aquarium unless it is a big aquarium and the species involved are peaceful. Some species are more peaceful than others. Amphiprion percula (Nemo) and A. ocellaris are both similar in colour and temperament. They are both peaceful, as are A. sandaracinos, perideraion & akallopisos (skunk clowns), and A. polymnus (saddleback clown) are also quite peaceful. Tomatoe clowns (red body) are highly territorial and the clarkii group are pretty obnoxious too. These latter two groups should only be kept with their own species and will kill or at least bully the aforementioned species. Basically keep one species of clownfish per tank.


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