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Please help me to list the fish for my aquarium

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  • Please help me to list the fish for my aquarium

    hey all,

    you probably see a lot of my thread recently. i setup my 90 litre aquarium, with live rock, 2 snail, 1 hermit crab, 1 black clown fish, and 3 demsel fish. so i want some other fish introduce to my tank, i like some different color, different shape. i like puffer fish, like valentine puffer (if i am not wrong), please help.

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    first advice is to get rid of the damsels (unless you mean blue chromis?) they will get real agro and nip/kill most fish, any of the puffers will get way too big for your tank. In a 90L tank your not far from being maxed out on fish, if you ditched the damsels you could add something like a yellow or blue assesor, decor gobies, royal gramma, yellow coral gobie, bi colour blennie, firefish, ranfords goby - not all of those but there are some to look at. I find is a pretty good website to look up most of the common marine fish and get a bit of general info about tank size and how big they get etc - especially when at the LFS and see something cool that you haven't researched.
    in a 90L tank you would maybe only want max 6 small fish and you will also need to keep an eye on your nutrient levels


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      Originally posted by bimbo View Post
      first advice is to get rid of the damsels
      tks, i think they are trouble to me, i just rang the lfs, well, they said they did tell me when blue demsel in a small group it could be very aggressive, but i never heard about this. and i do not want to try to put another 2. if i bring this back, they can only give 50% of the price, does this sound fair?


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