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Am I entitled to have replacement fish?

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  • Am I entitled to have replacement fish?

    Finally my tank is ready, so I took some water to Lfs to test, after test Lfs advise all good. So I bought a couple of clown fish from Lfs, and food and coral. When I come home,
    Found out one is active the other one is not so active, and second morning, the inactive is dead. The other one is fine. I called lfs, he said all the other fish in the same tank are fine. So I am not sure if I am entitled to claim a replacement? If it is my water prob, how come the other fish is fine. Btw, the Lfs just had the clown fish same day when he sold me as I went to shop the day before, and he got nothing there.

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    I would definitely be asking for a replacement.

    I had an otocinclus die shortly after purchasing from a shop, the fish just never settled into the tank. The shop happily gave me a replacement.

    Provided your setup is well established and you acclimatised the fish properly, I would ask for a replacement.


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      I'd be asking for a replacement (assuming you acclimated them properly). If they tested the water and said it was fine and good to go then sold you a defective/sick fish, they should replace it.


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        Well, I went there today, the shop owner seems not as good as before to serve me, he said he sold 10 few days with no prob and out of stock for now. Did not see will give one or not but just say will have in stock next week. I even bought another three blue demselfish today. Btw, can I mix blue demselfish with clowns?


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