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Flame hawk fish question and tank

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  • Flame hawk fish question and tank

    Hi guys
    I have A small fresh water tank I want to convert to salt water and put this fish in it
    Does any one know if they are hard too keep any one raised one before?

    They are $110 at my LFS is this right ?
    Took my gf with me to stock up on fresh water plants and she happen to see this fish and now wants one apparently because there funny lol

    So now I have the project of setting this up befor her birthday in 3 weeks or so can this be done all so ?

    Tank size
    Lx480 Hx400 Dx400
    Tank has small built in power head and filter in the back of the tank all so has a light about 40w I think built in all so it's an aqua world tank if that's any help too

    What will I need to do to get this going sry if this post is in the wrong spot

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    nope, you should have a larger tank, at least a 2x18x18, for a flame hawk, they like lots of rock work. And rockwork is the biggest issue when setting up a saltwater tank as it needs to cycle for near a month before you should think about adding snails an other cleaners, then about 2 weeks after that you can add a fish or two, and so on an so forth, and unless you want to do daily/bi-daily salt water changes a protein skimmer will be needed. You will also need ro/rodi water for top ups and if you want to make your own salt water (artificial salt water). You can buy salt water, but you will still need ro water for evaporation top up.
    There is zero way to get it done within 3 weeks sorry, but anyone who tells you different is going to lead to your partner having a dead fish, it could be a month or two down the track, but it will be from issues caused by not cycling the tank properly, or overstocking it too quickly.

    If she really truely wants one, and perhaps a pair of clowns and some corals, get a 2x18x18 or larger and take it extremely slow, there are many a marine tank shut down at around the 12month mark because of issues that should have been picked up in the first month or two.


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