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New tank, old fish

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  • New tank, old fish

    Hi new here.

    we have a 100L tropical tank thats going quite well. we want to upgrade to a 4 foot tank as the fish over the years have gotten quite large and i want to give them more space. Question is regarding the setting up of the new tank as we want to use the water from the 100L so as to not start all over again. Will that be ok? thought process was that the water is already cycled and it would be like doing a 50% water change? not sure if thats how it works.
    Thank you.

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    Hi there and welcome! This forum isn't in such a great state right now but there are a few of us out here who check in from time to time.

    When we talk about a tank "cycling" it's not so much the water itself that cycles but rather, a colony of bacteria becomes established (usually on surfaces, inside your filter or in a gravel substrate). This bacteria converts nitrites from fish waste (which is dangerous) to more harmless nitrates (that can be used by plants).

    Doing a water transfer will sure give you a bit of a head start on cycling the new tank but you can improve the speed for the cycle (and the size of the nitrite hit) also by recycling some gravel and/or filter media.

    The new tank will still cycle but it will be quicker/smaller hit.

    A four foot tank is a nice size.


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