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  • Zippy fish

    So, I have a somewhat overstocked tank but my fish are all young and small. In a few weeks I'll be doubling the tank's size.

    The water parameters are great, the fish are peaceful, the guppy that just had babies is back in the main tank and the fry are thriving in a separate tank.

    We have three female mollies, one female and one mail guppy, a female swordtail, nine neon tetras, four white cloud mountain minnows, and two completely manic female cories.

    I've observed the tank for long stretches, several times a day, and there is zero aggression anywhere. The mail guppy is desperate to mate with the female but she's twice his size and barely notices him

    They all eat well.

    They're just so ... active. They zip and zip around like lunatics.

    Is that normal?

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    I think it's not a problem, but this has not happened to me, let others answer


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