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Newbie here - how to Pick a tank

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  • Newbie here - how to Pick a tank

    I've never had an aquarium before, and hoping to start a smallish planted one soon.
    Planning on something as simple as possible to start with, that will be able to support some shrimp and a few tetras.
    How do i pick which tank to buy? I tried looking for threads recommending specific ones, but couldn't find any.
    Is the Fluval curve 32 from Petbarn a reasonable choice, or would i be making a mistake purchasing it?


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    I've been away from this forum for a year or more. My tank has been very stable and the whole COVID-19 thing caused a zillion other issues. I came back the other day and I feel like the Omega man. Everybody seems to have left? I wonder where they went?

    I saw your post and expected you to get an avalanche of replies.

    I'm unfamiliar with the Fluval tank (I have a 432l 4x2x2). I do know however that on those "integrated" tanks that include filtration and lighting, the lighting in particular is often a weak point. They do look good but you may have to boost the lighting.


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      Thanks dcm. I had just about given up on getting a response.
      I actually ended up going to the LFS, and got a AquaOne of a similar size, following the salesperson recommendation. I hope to start setting it up next week, and I'll see how it goes.
      Currently trying to come to terms with the prices on the aquatic plants. This is not a cheap hobby.


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        I'm unfamiliar with the range but like the Fluval, I'd be sceptical-by-default about the light suitability for plants. Maybe start with some low-light, tough ones. Java fern, java moss, maybe an anubias or two with some hardscape.

        I haven't bought any plants for a very long time. That's what happens when you run a planted aquarium. You end up with loads more plants than you ever actually bought. So consider your initial plants as investments perhaps.

        Good luck - plenty of good advice on the posts still showing on this (apparently near-death) forum.


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          Hey User2054.

          Welcome to the forum even though you joined at the worst possible time. It is absolutely dead!!!! lol

          The recent upgrade to the forum pretty much ruined it so many people left. That's why you won't really get any replies anymore

          Anyways what size tank did you end up getting? If you started small then very soon you will want to upgrade to a larger tank. Take your time and learn about fish keeping from this tank then you can eventually upgrade.

          Yeah in terms of plant prices the low light plant varieties are a lot cheaper than the high light and rare plants.

          As DCM pointed out stick with the easy beginner plants like Anubias, Java fern, any moss varieties. These are fine for a beginner.

          If you need any help keep posting on this thread. I'll be sure to check it out every now and then. Hopefully some of the other guys offer their advice too.

          Keep us updated with how you go and with some pictures

          Good luck


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            Hi new user welcome to the hobby.
            Agree that this forum is not what it used to be, my self returning after a lull.
            Any way, what size tank you got? What you got for substrate?
            If you like the hobby, you will soon find out that money and space and the other half would be the limiting factors.
            Keep asking questions and do some research.


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              Hi. Same here, I'm planning to own one too. I'll have to do some research though.


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                Hi User 2054. You have arrived here with the same questions I had when I joined. I can offer a suggestion that I don't think shrimp and tetras is a good idea. The adults are OK but baby shrimp will get eaten. It really depends on what you want to do. For shrimp there isn't much wrong with the cheap smaller tanks. If you are going to try to grow advanced stem plants then a bigger (longer not overly deep) tank might suit. As you live in Sydney you have a lot of options.


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                  IMG-20201216-WA0010 by on Flickr

                  So this is what I ended up with. Considering it was my first time, and a joint effort with my 5 and 8 year old kids (who still think the aquarium is a present for them), I'm fairly happy with the result. I also plan to put in a couple of stem plants in the background.
                  We'll see how many of these plants survive the first month in their new home.
                  Is keeping the 3 potted plants in the pots they came in a good idea?
                  Now cycling the tank, and hoping to get some shrimp in there soon.
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                    The ferns are most often tied to rocks, wood or stainless steel. The one in the back right corner, can't tell if you planted it in substrate or its stuck to the rock. Tank looks nice and clean. The rocks and wood suit. What is the white stuff at base of wood?


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                      Hi. I know I'm a bit too late about your post. But just to share, you can try the Aqueon 10-gallon shrimp tank aquarium. This one has to be the eye-catching shrimp tanks we've ever seen. It already has a complete set up like the filter, water conditioner, fish food, thermometer, and a fishnet. And I believe you can also add few tetras here aside from your shrimps.


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