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Hi to all, another from Brisbane

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  • Hi to all, another from Brisbane


    Just a little about myself, I work in a pvc pipe extrusion factory in brisbane, am 26 years old and i have had a few tanks before but never enjoyed the beauty of a planted tank before, i have a couple of saratoga, a mangrove jack, salmontail catty and a baramundi in a few different tanks.

    Have a few hobbies on the go at once and the missus cracks up a bit but owell need some reward for working ya life away huh, im into 4wding, fishing, computers and tech, also dont mind getting into a bit of photography every now and again when there aint much else to do. Plus now i feel the urge to put together a nice planted tank. Even though i am a complete noob at this as usuall i tend to jump in a bit over my head with a new hobby and learn by my mistakes along the way, so feel free to critisise me for trying to go too indepth on my first setup.

    Have been doing a bit of reading about the planted tanks and have a couple of questions. Firstly i will mention what i want to do and can someone please correct me if it will go horribly wrong.

    Its a 6x2x2 tank approx 165gal, i have a 8x39w t5 light and a 4x30w t8 light.
    Im going to use eco complete as substrate (when i can find some in the country) either mixed or layered with some black gravel to make it deeper.
    It needs to be a warm water tank for the barramundi, so itll prolly run at about 28c.
    I am going to plant mainly plants that are not dependent on CO2 and are pretty hardy, but i do want it to be fairly heavily planted.

    Suggestions needed.

    Ok i want to run a DIY CO2 setup but also with a DIY reactor and a electronic solenoid on a timer so its not dossing all the time. Has this been done before? will the softdrink bottles be able to hold the pressure while the solenoid is closed?
    Would there be any benefit in only dossing CO2 for a few hours a day?
    Does dossing CO2 help keep algae away?
    What are the main elements that i need to watch levels of and would the LFS have a testing kit for this?

    Glad to meet you all, i have to say that this forum seems very informative and not too shy to help out the noobs in getting started on this great hobby.


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    hi welcome to the forum, i think you may have trouble dosing DIY CO2 in a six footer, i dotn believe there is an electronic means of stopping DIY bottles, and if there was the back pressurethat builds up can be quite strong, you may instead need to look to re-route the CO2 after lights out, such as a purge line or somehting similar, anyway, im sure youll get more responses if you post in the specifc parts of the forum


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      Yeah definitely don't stop your DIY, you'll end up with exploding bottles and sticky sugar mixture everywhere.

      Welcome to the forum


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        Welcome, and I am jealous - I would love to get a barra tank. I haven't seen any heavily planted barra tanks, but love the concept!
        4x2x2 High tech planted tropical community
        8x2x28" Oscar + natives


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          Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, have shyed off the diy idea will be putting together a CO2 setup, Yea Critter i cant wait to get this thing setup seems i need to wait till christmas now before there is some more eco complete available. probly works out well though with getting co2 up and going aswell.



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            Hi nice to meet you

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