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  • Greetings and salutations

    Hey everyone,
    First i'll start with a little about myself, when i was younger i was fascinated by fish, so i bought myself a tank, and had myself some african cichlids. Which was fun, it looked nice but i never took it seriously. A few weeks ago i decided to research about native fish and fell in love with rainbowfish. The more i researched *and creeped this forum* I fell in love with the overall design, the balance between, art/hobby/life. So i decided to throw together a 4ft tank which consist's of

    2 Goyder river rainbowfish
    3 streets creek rainbowfish
    3 oyster creek rainbowfish
    2 l002 pleco's
    1 tandanus catfish
    1 salmontail catfish
    1 freshwater muscle
    And in the hope they would hide well and breed 10 cherry shrimp *which 8 are still alive*

    The plants inside the tank are:
    Anubuias nana
    Anubuias afzelli
    blyxa japonica
    Vallisneria nana
    Java fern
    Dwarf pongol *only recently found out isnt even aquatic supposivly*

    Parts and accessories:
    1300l p/h filter *soon to be upgraded to cannister*
    150w heater
    DIY c02 *with enough interest i will create a DIY Guide*
    DIY drop checker *same as above*
    Laterite and iron gravel
    1 t8 40w *in a few days to be replaced by 3 x t5 HO 54w
    some driftwood and rocks.

    Tank specs:
    ph 6.6
    KH 5.5
    c02 30ppm
    temp 26 degrees

    Im not sure if this picture upload will work, but i hope someone out there will appreciate my effort and time on my first scape.
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      Looks awesome good work!
      and Welcome to the forum =)


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