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"Soggy Socks" - Don's new Cade build

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    Wow. That landed looking like a months or years old scape rather than something less than a week old. The two logs supposed to look like a continuous branch that had broken in the vicinity of a golden-ratio-driven focal point is awesome, and I think the wallichi will look good in the right corner when it pokes its head up.

    It's lucky though that my tanks are at work and I don't have something like that to sit in front of and drink beer at home - I'd probably end up sitting there drinking beer until I quite literally couldn't get up!
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      Originally posted by Monty1089 View Post
      Now the fun will begin .. the algae that is. Hopefully you don't get it. Bloody hell can ruin a nice setup. Are you going to be dosing any ferts or just using CO2 only?
      Yes, dosing ferts... 50% Leafzone+ / 50% EI trace+water mix in an Eheim liqui-doser (same as before). 4 x 1ml per day. I suppose I should have held off dosing liquids for a bit but whatever, I didn't... Stuff is starting to grow now. The substrate isn't uber-fertile but that's the way I like it. Far easier to add ferts than to take them out IMHO...


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        So, this was supposed to be a one month update which it kind of is. I'm not sure if anybody even sees this amongst all spam-bot posts that riddle this place now like maggots on a decomposing body but oh well...

        The tank looks fine. Yeah, a bit of an algae spike (hair algae) but to be honest, I've just left it there for now. The Otocinclus are loving it and I've seen a lot of what looks like spawning behaviour from some of them.

        cade 6 weeks old on Flickr

        The plants are growing in ok. I've started to train some MC onto the top of the wood pieces (where all the hair algae is now) because this is probably one of the brightest areas in the tank and so I don't know quite why I thought exposed wood would not grow algae abundantly uncovered.

        The tank is also visible from the right hand side. This is the view.

        cade 6 weeks old RH side on Flickr

        You can see that the R.Wallichi is starting to kick in. The R.Colorata is a bit ordinary - it might be a bit light starved back there. A bonus feature of this shot is my DIY spraybar I made from bits from Bunnings. The entire thing cost me about $7 and is barely visible in front of the black background mostly.

        cade_cories on Flickr

        The Cories really seem to relish the new tank. They form themselves into little schools and go on Cory Patrol in various sections. They industriously grub around in the sand, digging up MC every night. There's been lots of Cory-spawning but I haven't seen any fresh fry as yet.

        So far, apart from the minor (and expected) algae outbreak, it's been going fairly smoothly.


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          It’s looking good dcm!
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