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    Howdy everyone.

    Thought ide share my latest scape with you. I was looking to setup a new scape during lockdown but didnt want to take up too much space in the house since I already have 5 other scapes running... But you know, you do what ya gotta do lol.

    I was scrounging about for some hardscape to decide what tank ide pull the trigger on and remembered this piece I had that was in the garden. It was bought 10 years ago by my wife for her Oscar tank and she didnt end up using it so it went into the garden bed as a feature. It was perfect but at 700mm long I didnt want a big tank so started to explore vertical options. It turns out it fitted in a 30 cube perfectly then I had a crazy idea how to utilise the verticality of it.

    I had a month of hardscape design. I spent a few weeks exploring various ways to stabilise the log and have it leaning backwards but NOT touching the tank. Few more weeks getting the pump with the appropriate head height and plumbing sorted out, designing a coreflute filter box to house it and bio & mechanical media then 2 months dry starting Fissidens Moss, DHG and a month with the chainsword I flooded it this weekend.

    Tank: 30 Cube
    Pump : SICCE Syncra Silent 0.5 + Surface Skimmer
    Light: IKEA Vaxer (top light) & Twinstar 300E with S2 Pro Dimmer
    Hardscape : Seiryu & and old log
    Substrate : La Palata & Tropica Aquasoil
    Emersed Plants : Fissidens Moss, Cameroon Moss, Christmas Moss, Anubias & Buce
    Submerged Plants : Fissidens Moss, Dwarf Hair Grass & Pygmy Chainsword
    CO2: Kegking Reg with spare 2.6kg bottle & Twinstar Diffuser

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    That is something to be proud of. I immediately want to try that myself. Continue to show the progress. Thanks


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      That is amazing
      Very original as well. Imagine it as it grows in and looks older

      Read this very helpful thread on BSS .
      No pictures on your BSS advert? Then be prepared for it to be deleted ( read the rules )


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        3 weeks in and the diatoms are subsiding and everything is growing well. Ferns are putting up new leaves, Fissidens and Chainsworts are looking good and the Dwarf Hair Grass is taking off big time.


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          Close up of the Fissidens growing in on the submerges portion of the log.


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