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Saph's Mini-M Iwagumi Journal - 4th week - Added Spotted Blue Eyes

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  • Saph's Mini-M Iwagumi Journal - 4th week - Added Spotted Blue Eyes

    19th of January 2008

    Latest Project:

    ADA Mini-M Glass Tank
    Custom ADA style cabinet (Full credit goes to Shake again for this one)
    ADA Mini-M Compact Solar Light

    This display will be situated next to the 30cm cube. Its going to be a Moss planted tank which will house shrimps and smaller fish later on. The cabinet has been very well made by a very handy Shake from this forum. He will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the design. Overall the cabinet is slightly smaller than the ADA cabinet size, but it fits the glass tank/light well.

    Equipment List:

    Any comments, suggestions welcome.



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    awesome! cant wait to see it get underway! nice cabinet shake!
    I would if I could but I can't so I won't


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      Should complement your cube nicely... looks like you'll be opening up the Australian branch of the Nature Aquarium Gallery soon.

      Not jealous of all your lovely ADA goodies at all.


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        This one should come up nice!
        Cant wait to see the progress....

        25cm Cube


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          how do you find the clarity of the glass? better than your cube? can wait to see it progress.


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            The light stand fits nicely on the cabinet. Looks awesome as well. Look forward to seeing this develope.


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              sweet cabinet shake, Can't wait to see what you do with this tank Saph, your scapes are always a joy to look at

              He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!


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                Thanks guys, I'll try keep this updated as much as possible.

                @ Solomon: Not sure of the clarity until I fill it with plants and water. Will get to you later

                Any suggestions for a scape on this one?


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                  Originally posted by sapherion View Post
                  Any suggestions for a scape on this one?
                  Australian bio-type.
                  He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!


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                    Iwagumi would look nice I think, in the smaller tank and with smaller fish


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                      Hey Saph,

                      Looks like a sleek little setup!

                      I would have a look at some of the ADA Mini M's that can be seen in the ADA galleries.

                      I think DR.V put some pics of his trip up here somewhere, those pics could give you some ideas and inspiration

                      Good luck!!


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                        Looks like its going to be a well decked out tank! Are those ADA mini-m lights available in Aus?


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                          23rd January 2008 Update - Iwagumi Hardscape

                          I had contemplated on an driftwood/moss scape but I couldn't find any decent driftwood pieces. I decided on an iwagumi scape instead.

                          First off added 2 spoons of ADA Bacter 100

                          Spread out evenly

                          Then add ADA Amazonia aquasoil

                          For this iwagumi, I used OHKO stone

                          Still deciding on what plants to use, will update soon.

                          Any comments, suggestions welcome.



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                            I'm starting to think I'll stop saving for a house and just get a complete ADA set-up like yours Saph.

                            Can't wait to see it planted out. Any ideas on what you will be planting yet?
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                              Yay ! I love Iwagumi

                              Looks fantastic.

                              Where did you get your stones from ?


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