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  • 6L No Tech, No Touch Walstad Pico

    The idea came when comparing the upgrowing strands of Grasshair in my tank with the downward hanging roots of Amazon Frogbit & I had an artistic moment. Not sure if it pulled off as convoncingly as I'd imagined but it was successful all the same.

    Of interest was some of the frogbit leaves going yellow and me thinking I was going to lose it, then within the same day greening up again.

    Some of the dwarf grassshair also died off leaving decaying plant matter while new leaves came through, so I placed a few baby brown ramshorn (?) snails in from another tank and they cleaned it all up.

    And when placing a peice of DW from my coldwater tank (that was not properly cycled and as a consequence lost 20 lovely Pacific Blue Eyes - d'oh), a lovely surprise was the tiniest baby blue eye swim out to check out its new surroundings.

    Glass Jar - 6L
    50/50 Potting Mix with Naked Farmer Organic Soil Activator, capped with Zeolite (thanks Matt_95)
    Kitchen windowsill with indirect afternoon sun
    Dwarf Grasshair
    Amazon Frogbit
    as above.

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    your crazy
    looks good
    bet the kids wanna play with that


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      Nice one mate.Seems to be quite a bit of autistic behaviour going on here lately.


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        Looks great bardus. Where did you get that jar/vase?


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          damn, need 10 letters.
          If practice makes perfect and nobody's perfect then whats the use of trying?


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            Thanks folks, all considered compliments! The DW is pitted which did not show on the photo unfortunately.

            Xylo, just there for the photo shoot mate, right out of reach otherwise LOL

            Anthonyrae, arent autistic people really talented in some areas and not in others? I definately lack any sense of household cleanliness, order and organisation skills, just ask my wife.

            Pumpkinkate, the vase was $10 from Target, it's thick glass with a heavy base (I went in there actually looking for a glass vase, not that I wear any of their fashion.... apart from possibly my gloves, underwear.......)

            Matt, you should have added a ! after the ?, yes?
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              haha i want to play with it!
              thats a beautiful looking... hmm tank may be the wrong word haha.
              i love it.

              still meaning on swinging round at some point now that im on holidays.


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                You're welcome to Peanuty, Tuesday's are your best bet of finding me at home
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                  wicked!!! thinking out loud here but would that be possible with an actual tree? can see massive potential with that!

                  hrmmf damn you ppl and ur bloody talented brains! another Me want! LOL


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                    oooh, Aquaristic. Lucky I didnt buy everything they had. Here is an update on the Pico.

                    I have added 6 RCS also that escaped me when pulling down my 4 footer & survived a few days in a unheated tank. They did well there and have survived the temps in this vase on the windowsill mid winter also.

                    Bad pic but thanks for looking.

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                      This little baby is almost 1 year old now, & it has been a no tech, no touch tank. All I have ever done is top the water up and it continues to sustain a breeding population of RCS, mini ramshorn snails, as well as microcritters that come & go. The sunlight grows algae, the snails & RCS eat the algae, the snails & RCS poo fertilising the substrate & water column, the plants suck up the nutrients & filter the water, all at the behest of the available sunlight & the ambient room temperature.

                      Although open to the air, I like the idea of a closed system. NASA developed an enclosed glass sphere called an eco-shphere with just enough air, water, algae & shrimp to sustain a breeding population in a balanced ecosystem.

                      Here's their spiel:
                      Inside each EcoSphere are active micro-organisms, small shrimp, algae and bacteria, each existing in filtered sea water. Because the EcoSphere is a self-sustaining ecosystem, you never have to feed the life within. Simply provide your EcoSphere with a source of indirect natural or artificial light and enjoy this aesthetic blend of art and science, beauty and balance.

                      Because the living organisms within the EcoSphere utilize their resources without overpopulating or contaminating their environment, the EcoSphere requires virtually no maintenance.


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                        Are they the ones with the Hawaiian red shrimp? If so they are actually slowly starving to death and eating themselves and getting smaller, they can last years like that I believe, I think one that is open like yours is much more likely to succeed and it has! Do you have a photo of it now?
                        If practice makes perfect and nobody's perfect then whats the use of trying?


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                          Love the idea of a closed ecosystem but I'm not sure of its good long term. I do like your open systems, been thinking of a glass 10cm cube to house moss and 3 cherries but not sure how to start. How does one go about planning a system like yours? No filter, aeration or heating/cooling.
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                            ARRGGGHHH MATT! So that is what the US govt has in store for us, cannibalism! The ecosphere was designed to start testing ideas for self sustaining human settlements on other planets. Perhaps they are viewing to start them off as a penal colony to ease the burden of criminals on the US taxpayer, & send them into space to fend for themselves. Sounds like a good idea for a reality TV program

                            I'll get a pic up soon when I can of the Pico LOL
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                              Hey Sprae, the ecospheres are meant to last 2-7 yrs. In regards to a 10cm cube, I have a few and think they are even too small for RCS. If you are keen on getting some life into them, pick a few of your mini ramshorns from another tank (we know you've got them!), and some microbugs from outside water source for entertainment. They may not last unless the cube water gets a bit dirty. As for planning, consider the tank solar powered, the plants need to oxygenate the water, & any stock must be HARDY ( I have some desert gobies in an open no tech no touch tank outside). I may elaborate on this given more time, I did a google on it once & got some good info..... TBC
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